Arlington GOP, Green Party, Unions Join Forces

by ARLnow.com February 26, 2010 at 1:03 am 1,549 3 Comments

A coalition of unlikely allies is pushing for a major change in the structure of Arlington’s government. On Wednesday, the Arlington Republican Party voted to join the Green Party, the police union, and the firefighters and paramedics union, in petitioning for changes to county leadership.

The proposed change would shift power away from the (unelected) county manager. Instead, more responsibility would lie with the county board, which would be elected by districts rather than at-large. Republicans hope this might result in the first Republican board member in more than 10 years. The Greens see a similar glimmer of hope for reversing electoral futility.

More on how this coalition of competing interested formed, from the Sun Gazette.

  • Wakefield alumni

    Hey GOP and Green Party – What about proposing term limits on County Board members? Isn’t it time to change the merry-go-round that is called the Board?

  • MB

    This won’t go anywhere. For good reason. The GOP should try putting up decent candidates that reflect Arlington’s values if it wants to have more influence in the county. Of course, we all know how like that is to happen . . .

  • WILL

    The fact that the firefighters union is in bed with the Republicans on this raises some very interesting questions about their leader. Doesn’t he know the position of Arlington Republicans on unions?

    And the police? Give me a break! Maybe when they begin to address rather than cover-up the unncessary use of force that has led to two Taser deaths already this year, we will begin to listen to that group.

    For my money, the only change needed in Arlington Government is the creation of a Civilian Review Board to review the mounting number of complaints against the Police Department’s officers and the County Sheriff’s officers for abusive conduct toward the citizenry. There are some real wackos on the force that threaten ordinary citizens with guns, tazers, and violence during routine traffic stops. I once was pulled over for going 30 in 25 a block from my house as I was taking my child to soccer and because I had the audacity to step out of my car to get my registration our of my wallet, the officer drew his weapon and warned me he would shoot if I approached him – he was fifty feet away at the time! There is a serious issue here in Arlington about police misconduct! And I would like to know which officers were trained in Moyock North Carolina by Blackwater of Iraq fame. We paid for it and we should know how the Police use our money!


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