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Look Out Below! Man’s Leg Gets Stuck In Manhole

by ARLnow.com April 15, 2010 at 4:26 pm 1,516 8 Comments

You may want to watch where you walk after reading this.

In Crystal City this afternoon, a man partially fell into a small utility manhole on the edge of the sidewalk after the plastic manhole cover collapsed.

It happened near the intersection of Crystal Drive and 18th Street.

One of the man’s legs fell about knee-high into the three-foot deep hole. He suffered scratches and some public embarrassment, but was otherwise unhurt.

Police and a public works crew arrived on scene, took some photos, and coned off the broken manhole cover.

The manhole belongs to a private utility company, according to the county Department of Environmental Services. It’s unclear at this time exactly which utility it belongs to.

  • Yeah that happened to me once. Arlington utility put the wrong man hole cover on a man hole. I went flying through. Shredded my suit. Tour up my leg. All I asked from Arlington was for them to pay for the suit. They admitted the wrong man hole cover was on the man hole. What did I get? Harassed by an Arlington county lawyer. One of my few low points in Arlington.

  • ACE

    Well, many years ago I ripped out an oil pan on Walter Reed Drive (Arlington) because I hit an unmarked raised manhole cover on an undercut street (no warning, no signs – the street was dark in color and so was the manhole cover) — I never got reimbursed even though I tried, AND — my insurance agent tried at least twice.


    Where is the responsibility. FREDTERP

  • Francis

    Sadly typical of our elitist county, which is run more like a business than a municipality!!
    I once tried to report a broken manhole cover outside a school. The first attempt resulted in being hung up on by a frustrated county peon and the second person I spoke to promised to look into it. 6 weeks later it was finally fixed.
    I think the similarity in these events is that they occur outside of the county’s main area of interest, which is of course the wealthier parts of Arlington.
    For shame…

  • Keallison

    I once stepped into an uncovered water meter hole in the grassy median between curb and sidewalk. Thankfully I was only bruised. The water folks were very nice, asked if I was o.k., and came within an hour to replace the cover.

  • Francis

    I was once gravely offended by the very sight of a gaping man-hole. But I don’t think this is really the time nor place for that conversation.

  • That was a good one

    Francis: for the win!

  • Jim Breiling

    Who are these private utilities? Who do they serve, with what?


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