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UPDATED: Arlington Bombarded With Calls From 307-459-1039

by ARLnow.com April 25, 2010 at 5:12 am 3,328 15 Comments

Arlington residents are being bombarded with mysterious, repeated hang-up calls from a Wyoming telephone number at all hours of the day and night.

At an online message board, dozens of people identifying themselves as residents of Arlington and other Northern Virginia communities have swapped stories of receiving calls from the same phone number, 307-459-1039.

Upon picking up the phone, the mysterious entity at the other end hangs up.

By some accounts, the calls are coming in every two or three hours.  Most people mention receiving calls on Friday and Saturday. Others report having received calls for the past week.

Tamar Abrams, a Huffington Post blogger, wrote about receiving the bizarre phone calls at her Northern Virginia home. A Verizon operator reportedly told Abrams that an investigation into the calls is underway.

Calls to 307-459-1039 are greeted with a recorded message saying that the line has been disconnected.

Other localities around the country have reported getting repeated calls from the same 307 number. A Connecticut newspaper reported last month that the police department in the coastal town of Stonington received “hundreds of complaints” about the calls.

Although the number traces back to Cheyenne, Wyoming, some have theorized that the caller ID may be faked, or “spoofed,” and that the calls actually originate from overseas.

Update on 4/26 — The Arlington County Police Department says it has received more than 150 complaints about phone calls from the 307 area code. Police released the following statement:

Preliminary investigation reveals calls were received from this telephone number in Arlington, Alexandria, and parts of Maryland. Detectives are currently working with agencies from local jurisdictions, communications personnel, and several telephone providers. At this time, it appears that the telephone calls may have been the result of a computer dialing error.

Representatives at Verizon state that although the calls were not generated from a Verizon account; they are in contact with the service provider involved. A Verizon spokesperson stated that Verizon customers who are receiving the annoying telephone calls may contact them at (800) 257-2969 to initiate a courtesy trace for two weeks. Non-Verizon customers may contact their respective telephone provider to report any annoying calls.

The Arlington Police are aware of the issue and are actively working to resolve it. Arlington residents wishing to report telephone calls related to this matter may email Detective Diane Guenther at [email protected] (preferred), or call (703) 228-4242.

Verizon has also released a statement, via police.

“Verizon security is working with the carrier who has this number {a} to block that number from reaching Verizon’s network – and our customers – and {b} to investigate ultimately who’s responsible for this. We are not happy about this, and we sympathize with our customers and the level of annoyance this has caused them.”

  • There is an old version of this which is a form of war driving. You set up your computer to probe an area – looking for modems to try to connect to – and then you try to hack into those computers. If, for example, your area code has, um, five sided buildings in it – it could be a target of this form of war driving.

  • JoshS

    I thought it was just me. Glad to see this is being looked into.

  • nrhodes

    We have received a total of three calls, two of which were 2am and 4am. The number has now gone on my Verizon Call Intercept black list so I should get them no more.

    Looking for modems? Fax machines maybe.

  • No calls here since 9:30 last night. Is the issue resolved…?

  • This is one of the times where I am actually thankful for Comcast instead of cursing about them; my phone service is through them and after getting 11pm, 4am, and 6am calls on Friday night/Saturday morning, I blocked the number using *60. Finally, Comcast does something right!

    • Greta Kreuz

      Greg, I am a Ch. 7 reporter doing story today (Mon) on this. Looking to speak with local residents who’ve gotten calls. Pls email ASAP or call on cell 202-437-6919. Thanks.

      • Chris L.

        Greata, good to hear that you are doing a story about this. I live in Arlington and received 19 calls from this alleged Wyoming number over this past weekend; some were during the middle of the night. I spent a good bit of this morning on the phone with Verizon’s business office personnel and their security office folks. Verizon has been unhelpful and down right evasive each time I have contacted them to complain about the calls and try to get something done. [They do acknowledge wide-spread complaints]. What is very odd is why this could not be shut down promptly as soon as it became obvious what was going on, especially since the same thing last month with calls from the same number to a town in Connecticut.

  • Portland Maine

    I am in Portland Maine and have just received a call from this number. I wasn’t able to answer and they left no message. Hope they don’t come in the middle of the night. Hope they stop for you all soon!

  • Caroline

    We got calls at 9:15pm Friday, 8:00am Saturday, and then 2:00am Sunday morning (which sent me scrambling for the phone — across the apartment — because I was sure someone had died). Our caller ID, however, showed “Private Name” and “Private Number,” or some such, but I assume it’s the same jerks.

  • Arlington4

    We have received 6 of these calls beginning at 3 am Saturday morning, continuing through Saturday with the last one Sunday at 3 am. I reported the calls to the Arlington police and was disturbed to find that Verizon no longer supports call blocking and when they did, their information on their Web site states that only worked for numbers in your local calling area. Thank you Verizon. That is useless.

    The calls seem pointless, though extremely annoying. Also, they appear to have stopped.

  • Chris L.

    I am in Arlington have received large numbers of calls from the Wyoming number over the weekend including some around 1 a.m. Verizon operators and business office personnel have been rather unhelpful to say the least regarding this matter. This morning I conferred with Verizon’s security department [800-518-5507]. They were not very helpful other than to say that they are investigating and have received numerous complaints. They also acknowledged that the calls are coming through Level 3 Communications’ network, and that they are working with Level 3. I also filed a complaint with the Arlington County police department after conferring with them by phone. I told them I wanted to press charges if and when the perpetrators are identified. I would suggest everyone file a complaint with their local police departments and also with the Virginia AG’s office and the FCC. It seems very bizarre that this continues, especially since there were reports of an identical blast of calls from the same Wyoming number to Stongington, Connecticut last month. So, it’s not like this is the first time. Really makes one wonder what is really going on and why it can’t be stopped.

  • DennisW

    After receiving a string of calls starting in the early Saturday a.m. hours and filing a FTC Do Not Call complaint, I called the Cheyenne, WY Police Department whose detectives were working on the case (very nice folks). They suggested that I have the Arlington police call them and gave me the number to the detective office to pass along.
    I then called Arlington PD who had absolutely no interest in following up. They were no longer taking any reports on the calls as the matter was being handled by the “day shift.”
    Following that typically frustrating call, I contacted the FBI office in Denver and they were onto the case as well. According to the agent with whom I spoke, it was an offshore hijacking of a Level 3 server, making it difficult to trace.
    Too bad Arlington PD couldn’t have cared less.
    Oh, and the FBI suggested filing a complaint with the FCC, which I did, but their offices were closed until Monday.

    • Chris L.

      Good information, DennisW, thanks for posting. The FBI statement is especially interesting but not surprising. I had suspected as such, mainly because telemarketing or robo-call outfits usually block the ID of any number appearing on the caller-ID device. I thought early on that this was probably a hacker and possibly off-shore.
      This also explains why Verizon has been so evasive with regard to any explanation as to what was going on and why it can’t be stopped.

  • peachy

    After receiving half a dozen calls from that number over the weekend, today I got a call of the same type around noon. But this time the Caller ID stated merely “out of area.” Perhaps the caller has changed MO.

  • peachy

    Oops, let me amend that: Today it said “Unknown Caller.”


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