Car Crashes Into Rhodeside Grill

by ARLnow.com May 11, 2010 at 1:05 pm 6,746 8 Comments

A two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Wilson Boulevard and North Rhodes Street resulted in one of the cars crashing into the front of Rhodeside Grill.

The impact shattered one of the restaurant’s plate glass windows and destroyed a planter. Shards of glass and soil from the planter could be seen scattered across part of the restaurant.

Airbags deployed in both vehicles — a red Honda Accord and a black Volkswagen New Beetle. The Accord narrowly missed a fire hydrant as is careened into the building.

No one inside the building or in the cars were hurt, police said.

Six customers were inside the restaurant at time the time of the incident — around 11:45 a.m. It was “loud and hectic,” a Rhodeside employee said.

The restaurant remained open for lunch. They expect to replace the window later today.

  • Colonial Terrace

    That’s what I call “drive thru”.

    • jdwts84


  • How awful! Thank goodness no one was hurt.

  • Maggie

    That is just another example of crazy drivers being reckless in a 25 mph zone. At what speed were these cars going at that drove them to crash into a restaurant, considering that one of the streets is going one way only? Or perhaps someone was talking on the cellphone and ran the light to make a turn?

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  • JZ

    Terrific photos. Great work on the post.

  • Sarah Ray Ray

    but the sandwiches were OK Thank god!

  • amano

    Not 2 days ago on hold with the VA DMV, one of their little advice clips popped up about how aggressive driving will not be tolerated in Virginia. For the love of god, put some police presence out here then. We drive this same little stretch of road up Wilson almost every day, and in the short 10 minute ride for groceries we’re clutching onto our seats as we’re nearly careened into by lane-weavers, people flying out of their parking spaces, or cars attempting left turns from the right-hand lane. In a year I have never once seen a cop car in our neighborhood. Not one.

    You want less aggressive driving? Make cops available to pull people over.


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