Volunteer Opp: Put Your Pet to Work Helping Others

While you go head to the office, run errands, or shuttle the kids around all day, what’s Fido doing? Probably laying around, sticking his head out the car window, or pooping on your neighbor’s yard.

It’s not fair. You work hard, so why shouldn’t your freeloading furry friend?

Here’s the good news: there’s a part-time job opening just for Rover, Garfield, Polly, Peter Cottontail — or whoever is generally cute, friendly and disease-free.

The Cherrydale Health and Rehabilitation Center (3710 Lee Highway) is looking for a few good pets to help relax and entertain its residents.

Successful candidates will be friendly and trained. They must have their shots and be willing to participate in a short test. And their owners must stay with them at all times while at the Center.

Interested animals (or owners) should contact Cherrydale volunteer coordinator Jennifer Lewis via phone at (703) 243-7640 or via email here.

Pool photo by philliefan99.

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