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CONFIRMED: Restaurant Vero Closed

by ARLnow.com May 21, 2010 at 3:15 pm 4,426 15 Comments

Restaurant Vero, which has served up sophisticated American cuisine on Lee Highway for the past four and a half years, has closed. Management will be holding a cash sale of their remaining wine and beer until about 5:00 p.m. tonight (hat tip to commenter Rebecca for that tidbit, which the owners confirmed).

The mood was somber this afternoon as people stopped by to offer their condolences. What had been the restaurant’s dining area was in the process of being boxed up or moved out.

A source tells ARLnow.com that financial problems may have been to blame for the closing.

The brother/sister/friend team behind Restaurant Vero, Jay and Joy Reinhardt and Veronica Kunkel, also run the Arlington Catering Company.

  • Keallison

    Oh no! Say it ain’t so!

  • Dave

    There website might not say anything, but if you try to click the link to make a reservation on opentable you get a message that the restaurant is currently unavailable.

  • Amber

    So sad! We loved the restaurant, but it was in a tough location…maybe they could try someplace new and a little more pedestrian-friendly…

  • Willy

    Darn. I should have gone there! That location/shopping area is the black restaurant hole of North Arlington. The former Pizza Hut next door has gone through about 10 different restaurants in 20 years, including the last one owned by the Vero’s management.

  • Rebecca

    It’s true! I called to make a reservation today and they said that they’re closing their doors tonight. FYI – CASH ONLY sale of their remaining wine stock until 5pm TODAY.

  • Mary Louise

    What a big loss for the neighborhood. This was the best local restaurant and the owners were lovely.

  • MLG

    Surprising that the owners wouldn’t have emailed their best customers – the ones on their email distribution list (like my husband and me) – to let them know of the closing and wine stock sale. Perhaps that lack of concern for customers was a factor in their closure. This place had really gone downhill over the past 6-12 months. Not surprising to see them close down.

  • George

    Not a big surprise. I have heard numerous reports from people, and had an experience myself, with terrible customer service. You don’t turn people away at the door saying no room, when there are open tables available, and a check of OpenTable shows vacancy within 10min of the time you walk in and are turned away. Sad, but good riddance.

  • Chris

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Joy. I enjoyed having Vero in the hood, but guess I needed to dine there much more often.

  • Cynthia

    Well, it turns out the owners owe over $78,000 in unpaid meal taxes.

  • LP

    No suprise from me. The owner showed utter disregard for making us wait an hour to seat us for a reservation (see my yelp review and my open table review) As for the meal taxes…arent those charged to the customer with the other taxes on their bill?….so basically she stole from us the customer by NOT passing it on to the County…its a shame that another neighborhood restaurant dies due to neglect from management..I am all for reducing the number of chains around me..

  • Barb

    Do NOT use their catering company Arlington Catering. Joy was rude obnoxious and just plain terrible to work with. She screamed yelled and threatened not to show at the last minute because I dared ask if they had remembered table clothes. She is in dire need of a good psychiatrist. It is a shame because their food was good. I’d rather serve weenies and beenies than deal with her again.

  • S

    A shame. I liked the food there very much, but never understood some of the details at the place….such as not having any mainstream soda products. I mean, you couldn’t get a Coke there, they only had this strange, awful bottled soda that was expensive, no refills, and tasted horrible. Even the waitstaff knew that was crazy as every time I asked for a Coke and displayed my displeasure when they didn’t have it, they just said “we know, it is crazy.”

    I actually never thought the Tap & Vine was that great, but Vero’s food was quite good, so sorry to see it go.

    • There’s already something new on the way. Local taco purveyors District Taco will be opening their first brick and mortar restaurant in the Vero space. Story to come later today.

  • Matt

    Too much too fast. Vero was pretty good when it opened, but then they expanded into the space next to them, then the wine store in the same strip, then the old Pizza Hut next door. Vero was nice, but no way could it be an anchor business to support them buying up the whole block. One by one, they fell, and I think it was pretty predictable to see the original place eventually go with them.


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