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Whacky Russian News Program Visits Arlington Gas Station

by ARLnow.com June 16, 2010 at 6:59 pm 1,961 4 Comments

Because of today’s breaking news, we had to push our article on last night’s very, very long discussion of the East Falls Church development plan to tomorrow. As a way of making amends, we bring you a segment from the English-language Russian propaganda news channel Russia Today, which you may be able to find in a dark corner of your extended digital cable service.

In the clip, a reporter interviews some folks at a Shell station in Arlington about America’s “addiction” to oil (spoiler: people at a gas station are in no hurry to ditch their cars). But the real reason to watch is for the American anchor’s lead-in to the reporter’s story:

And when it comes to the topic of petrol, and America’s appetite for it, we’re like heroin addicts. And as the color of the waters of the Gulf turn from a murky blue to a poop brown, RT’s Lauren Lyster asked Americans, “Can you kick the habit?”

That’s right, comrades, we’re heroin addicts and our water is poop brown. Courtesy of a TV network from the world’s largest oil producer.

As if to make the setup to an otherwise perfectly normal news story more ridiculous, before you press play you’re treated to a photo of a drunk Uncle Sam holding a gas pump.


  • How many bikes wizzed by in the background of the shot – or did they selectively frame the camera????

  • Arl Resident

    That’s the Shell station on Lee Highway just east of Lexington Street along with a few shots form the BP station across the street. I’d be curious what the announcer and reporter use to get to work and filming locations.

  • Darwin

    Doesn’t the vast majority of Russia’s wealth come from their oil sales? (Well that and weapons sales to our enemies) Sounds like they would be in very bad shape if we quit using oil (and fighting our nation’s enemies)!

    • Tom

      Russia and all oil exporting nations (a list that is growing smaller and smaller as fields go into decline) know that they will always have a market for their oil. Oil is the most valuable naturally occuring substance ever discovered by mankind. It’s easy to forget being in Arlington, that most of the country needs to drive like we need air and water. Driving in America is worse than an addiction, it’s a dependency. But oil is used for much much more than fueling automobiles. Our very own Tom Whipple, writes quite a bit about the situation with oil in the Falls Church News Press. Latest article:



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