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Northbound I-395 Shut Down At Glebe Road Due to Accident

by ARLnow.com June 17, 2010 at 4:17 pm 2,842 3 Comments

Update at 5:30 p.m. — All lanes have reopened.

Update at 4:40 p.m. — One lane is now getting by. Traffic is backed up to Duke Street.

All northbound lanes of I-395 have been shut down due to an accident. Police are on the scene and paramedics are responding for a reported injury.

Traffic is being forced to exit on Glebe Road. Backups are forming quickly.

  • steve

    Yea dont mention that this is by far the most dangerous highway exit in all of arlington, has been for the better part of two decades, and that no one seems to care (except the cops who hide there at night to radar-gun norhtbound speeders, and the family of the people in accidents).Is south arlington always going to get the short end of EVERY stick? except taxes? If there wasnt a recession i would spentt hsi summer with two of my friends compiling tax data to prove that south arlington represents over 60% of tax revenue and is waaaaay below that in what it gets back. half of all the commercial zoning in arlington is south of 50, yet the landmass is aproxamilty 1/3 of all arlingotn.

  • Is Steve a joke?

    So Steve says that the Glebe Rd exit on 395 is “by far the most dangerous highway exit in all of Arlington” and he bases this on what information? The fact that he’s seen a few accidents there? Simply stating that it is the most dangerous exit doesn’t make it so…let’s see some numbers to back that assertion.

    But even more outrageous is his next assertion that its location in S. Arlington somehow contributes to the problem. What does this even mean? Is he alleging that VDOT (which controls interstate exits, NOT the local government) refuses to address the issue because it’s in S. Arlington?

    And, by the way, the 10th St. North/Courthouse Rd. interchanges on Rt. 50 are routinely the scene of traffic collisions, are HORRIBLY designed, and are firmly in N. Arlington…what about that, Steve?

  • Laima

    I don’t know if the intersection has been bad for 2 decades like Steve says above. But since the County allowed development on both sides of Glebe and 395 with rental units (hundreds, maybe a thousand) and never seemed to study the impact of development/increased traffic. It is a nightmare to take either exit especially during evening rush hour!


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