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Arlington’s Red Light Cameras Go Live

by ARLnow.com June 21, 2010 at 9:22 am 1,912 6 Comments

Arlington’s new red light cameras went live this morning.

The cameras, perched at four busy intersections, will issue warnings for the next 30 days as part of an “awareness period.” Then, starting in mid-to-late July, violators will start receiving $50 fines.

If the red light camera program is deemed a success by the police department and the county board, expect to see up to 16 additional cameras — the maximum allowed by Virginia law — popping up around Arlington.

  • Brian

    I was crossing Glebe by Fairfax yesterday and noticed a flash when a car ran the light that is being monitored. It would appear then they started using them Sunday.

  • Martha

    Can we get monitor cameras for all the people jaywalking right in front of cars in that area too?

  • NoVA Resident

    @Brian, I noticed the flash as well. I also noticed that no cars had ran the red light nor had they gone over the white line. I noticed this on a few occasions.

    Doesn’t seem like they are set up properly.

  • Mike

    How about some pictures of what these cameras look like?

  • lily

    Good!! I was almost run over this morning by a jerk on a motorcycle blasting through the red light at N Lynn and Lee Hwy. I hope $50 of justice shows up in his mailbox.

  • Ali

    Also saw the camera get someone that didn’t come close to making the light at Glebe and Fairfax yesterday.

    You can’t miss that camera. It’s on a tall pole in the middle of a concrete island.


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