Crime Report: False Statement Edition

A quick public service announcement: If you’re going to file a false police report, you might want to first make sure you left the pot at home.

FALSE POLICE REPORT-ARREST 06/16/10, 1800 block of Wilson Boulevard. On June 16 at 10:45 am, a woman called police to report that she was robbed of currency. Investigation revealed that the woman actually gave the money to an acquaintance. Regena Sayles, 42, of Suitland, MD, was charged with Filing a False Police Report and Possession of Marijuana. She was held on a $3,000 bond.

The rest of this week’s Arlington County Crime Report, after the jump.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST 06/19/10, 2100 block of Jefferson Davis Highway. On June 19 at 11:30 am, a woman assaulted her boyfriend and threatened him with several knives. Yvette Jackson, 40, of Arlington, was charged with Malicious Wounding. She was held without bond.

ATTEMPT MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST 06/20/10, 900 block of S. Veitch Street. On June 20 at 5:45 pm, a man swung a tree branch at a vehicle, causing injury to the occupants. Ty Kaing, 30, of Arlington, was charged with two counts of Attempted Malicious Wounding and one count of Destruction of property. He was held without bond.

ROBBERY 06/21/10, 4100 block of N. Henderson Road. On June 21 at midnight, a man was approached by an unknown subject. When money fell out of the victim’s pocket, the suspect stole it. A second suspect then threatened the victim with a knife. One suspect was a white Hispanic male in his early 30’s, 5’9″ and 170 lbs. he was wearing a white tank top, jeans, a black bandana and a black backpack.

ROBBERY 06/22/10, 2500 block of S Lowell Street. On June 22 at 9:50 pm, seven unknown black males assaulted the victim as he was walking home. During the assault the victim’s wallet was stolen. The suspects then fled on foot. All the suspects were teenage African American males.

LARCENY FROM A PERSON 06/22/10, 4900 block of Columbia Pike. On June 22 at 1 am, a couple approached a man and asked for $5. When the victim opened his wallet, the male suspect grabbed money from the wallet, and the suspects fled. The man is described as a 6′ African American male in his early 20’s. The female suspect is described as a 5’7″ African American woman in her late 30’s.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY 06/23/10, 2600 block of S Glebe Road. On June 23 at 1:45 am, the victim’s car was backed into by another vehicle. The suspect driver exited his vehicle and began conversing about the accident. When accused of causing the wreck, the suspect got angry and assaulted the victim. The suspect is described as a white male, 6′ and 215 lbs.

BURGLARY-ARREST 06/19/10, 5800 block of S. 2nd Street. On June 19 at 3:30 am, a man entered his estranged wife’s apartment, assaulted her, and stole various items. Police apprehended the suspect. Piero Blas Cornejo, 29, of no fixed address, was charged with Abduction, Burglary, Violation of a Protective Order and Assault and battery. He was held without bond.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY/RESISTING-ARREST 06/17/10, 800 block of S. Greenbriar Street. On June 17 at 10:45 am, a man broke into an apartment of an acquaintance. He was combative an uncooperative when police arrived. Jose Antonio Mateo, 44, of Washington D.C., was charged with Unlawful Entry, Resisting Arrest, and Failure to Identify. He was held on a $3,000 bond.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY 06/16/10, 200 block of N. Bryan Street. On June 15 at 10 am, an unknown woman was found inside a residence. When confronted, she walked out. The suspect is described as a “well dressed” African American female.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 06/21/10, 1400 block of Key Boulevard. Between 5:30 pm on June 19, and 7 am on June 21, an unknown subject entered an office suite and stole money. There are no known suspects.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 06/22/10, 2000 block of S Jefferson Davis Highway. Between 5 pm on June 21, and 5 am on June 22, an unknown subject used force to access several offices and stole computer/electronic equipment. This may be related to an attempted burglary in the same building.

ATTEMPT COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 06/21/10, 2000 block of Jefferson Davis Highway. Between 9 pm on June 18, and 8:30 pm on June 21, an unknown subject attempted to forcibly enter an office suite. There is no suspect description.

INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT 06/16/10, The Unit block of N. Highland Street. On June 16 at 3:30 pm, a painter was injured when the ladder he was using made contact with an electrical line. The victim was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

EXPOSURE 06/21/10, 2100 block of N. 18th Street. On June 21 at 2:30 am an unknown man stood outside an apartment window and exposed himself. There are no known suspects.

STOLEN AUTO 6/17/10 VA JYM1249 2006 Honda van, black 4800 block of N. 2nd Road

STOLEN AUTO 6/19/10 VA 17503RA 2004 Isuzu truck, white 4900 block of Fairfax Drive

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