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by ARLnow.com July 6, 2010 at 5:33 am 1,488 2 Comments

Near Misses for DCA-Bound Planes — An alarming number of close calls have been occurring in the skies over Washington. According to the Washington Post’s Ashley Halsey III, who knows a thing or two about aircraft accidents, there have been several recent near-misses involving planes on approach to Reagan National Airport. Inexperienced air traffic controllers may be part of the problem, Halsey reports.

Hot Hot Heat — Expect temperatures to touch or surpass 100 degrees today, as a dangerous heatwave envelops the east coast. A heat advisory will be in effect from noon today to 11:00 Wednesday night. With the high humidity, it could feel as hot as 110 degrees. Such temperatures could be deadly, especially for young children and the elderly.

Flickr pool photo by Rukasu1.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Here we are 30 years later, and the WAPO DNC propagandists lay down the air traffic safety defaults as a “legacy of the 1981 strike during which President Ronald Reagan fired virtually the entire staff of controllers.” Well, it was many (only those that illegally struck), not most of the controllers fired (after being warned and given an opportunity to return).

    With virtually no notice or prior preparation in 1981 the Reagan administration was able to replace the miscreants and train new controllers without a major run of safety gaffes. Now after three decades we have a federal bureaucracy which WAPO loves so much that with a generation of preparation time apparently couldn’t foresee and prepare for retirements. WAPO, do us all a favor, and cut out the partisan propaganda. At least of few of us in these parts still have some common sense and can see right through your flaptrap.

  • Mike

    A round trip from DCA to Florida is like $150. What do passengers expect, to live forever?


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