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BREAKING NEWS — Barricade Situation in Douglas Park Ends Peacefully

by ARLnow.com July 16, 2010 at 10:59 pm 2,363 18 Comments

Update at 2:35 a.m. — Command has been transferred from the Arlington to Alexandria Police Department for the night (the two departments have a mutual assistance agreement). Police say the man has stopped communicating with them.

Update at 8:55 a.m. — The standoff has entered its 14th hour.

Update at 11:50 a.m. — The standoff has ended peacefully. Police fired tear gas cannisters into the house around 10:00. The suspect turned himself in at 11:20. He will be charged with assault and brandishing a firearm, police said. Other charges may follow.

Update at 6:30 p.m. — Police have identified the suspect as 58-year-old Thomas Amshey (read more).

Arlington police have surrounded the Douglas Park house of a man believed to be intoxicated and heavily armed. The man barricaded himself inside his house at South Nelson and 14th Streets after threatening a neighbor with a rifle during a dispute, police said.

Dozens of Arlington police officers including the department SWAT team are on the scene, along with a mobile command center and an armored vehicle.

Police are in contact with the man and trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the standoff. Several streets in the area have been blocked off due to the police response.

  • John

    Always love the late night posts — keep them coming

  • Mike

    40 police and the swat team. The poor doughnut shop owners are gonna lose a fortune.

    • steve

      it always amazes me how stupid people are when they are anonymous on the web. I guarantee you wouldnt make those comments to any of those officers in person. Get a life you jackass.

  • Charles Foster Kane

    Why hasn’t anybody blamed this on Chris Zimmerman yet? It’s his neighborhood, isn’t it?

    • Mike

      He’s probably the one in the barricade.

      • Anthony

        Not funny, Mike. I live a couple of blocks away from where the incident took place. All the neighbors here know each other. This is a very sad situation and nothing to joke about.

      • Let’s Be Free

        Couldn’t have been Zimmerman, I saw his car in his driveway. If he’s over on Nelson Street he’s pushing this walkable Arlington thing too far.

  • Bunny

    10:15 a.m. Very sad situation. Many police and emergency vehicles here. They are trying to resolve this incident without anyone getting hurt. They seem to know what they are doing. Nevertheless, at a visceral level, it is hard to sleep, relax, and go about one’s daily chores with armed confrontation in the neighborhood.

  • Skeptical

    Just passed a block away on foot at 10:10 AM; police barricade, a Jiffy John and cruiser lights visible from where I stood. Five loud explosive sounds were audible within the space of about a half minute, which persuaded me not to get any closer. FYI, the barricade is a couple of blocks from what I understand to be the Zimmerman address, and visible from there.

    • Skeptical

      Update, I gather that sound came from gas canisters being fired into the house.

  • John Snyder

    The standoff is over. Everyone is safe. God bless the ACPD, and Alexandria and Fairfax too, who helped overnight.

  • Thes

    Seems to me like the police and arlnow.com both did a great job serving the community this time. Thanks!

    • Skeptical

      No kidding. I gather there was television coverage, but so far I see nothing on the Post site, Sun Gazette, Examiner, or “24 hour” Newschannel 8’s site.

    • charlie

      It really seems to me as if the Arlington police and the amazing arlnow website did a great job keeping the peace and serving the wonderful community of Arlington. Thank you. And I’m extra glad that they kept Zimmie safe on his street. And all the neighbors too. Thanks. Thank you. Very much.

    • I’m glad we could keep everyone informed. It’s worth noting that police were very open and accessible during the course of the incident, which helped us out immensely.

  • Wowzers. This is not the first one of these this summer. Arlington emergency services are getting a work out this summer!

  • Dan

    Kind of sad…the only other mention of him I could find was photo of him grilling hundreds of hot dogs for a neighborhood event.

    Lives of quiet desparation……..

  • Darwin

    Another great job by the Arlington PD! These guys have my full support, what a group of professionals!


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