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Clarendon Grill Closes for Renovations

by ARLnow.com August 2, 2010 at 9:23 am 4,640 11 Comments

Without much warning, the iconic Clarendon Grill closed its doors on Sunday. The Grill is undergoing a renovation process that is expected to last into September.

Popular local cover band Gonzo’s Nose was the last band to play at the “old” Clarendon Grill. A restaurant rep says the new Grill will still host bands and have a dancefloor — but refused to divulge any additional details.

Clarendon Grill will remain under the same management, the rep said. It’s unclear whether it will retain its name.

A tipster tells us part of the plan includes extending the main bar and adding a secondary bar in another section of the restaurant.

A message posted yesterday on the Grill’s Facebook page reads: “Thank you all for 15 incredible years. Stay tuned for what’s next……….”

Flickr pool photo by Afagen

  • Clarendude

    I wonder why all the mystery ? They better not change the sign !

  • Chris

    They need to make better use of the space. Open it up a little bit, make it easier to get to the bar and get back around in general, and take out the stairs. Make it all one level. And they need to figure out what to do with that wasted space to the left as you walk in. And the back patio could be much cooler. It’s a great bar with a lot of history, and they can make some easy improvements. Now Mr. Days/Sobe need to figure out what the hell they’re doing. I haven’t seen Sobe busy in 2 years, and Mr. Days looks sadder and sadder every weekend.

  • MM

    No more Monday night salsa? Or $1 beer Thursday? They’re definitely due for renovations, but the timing seems kinda weird.

  • Wow that was sudden, caught me off guard. I agree the Grill desperately needs renovations, but I hope it will return with its same name and theme.

    Not to start wild rumors, but didn’t the owner of Dr. Dremos say he had acquired some space in Clarendon and would be bringing the venue back? That would be crazy if Dremos replaced the Grill, haha.

  • Chris

    The Dremo’s guy sent an email out to potential investors a few weeks ago saying his 2nd location has fallen through, and he is abandoning plans to bring it back at this time.

  • Sandee

    Actually – timing seems perfect. No big games on, August is incredibly slow as so many people are out of town, and there is already a huge mess of construction in the area. I would guess they want to be open for NFL games in the fall. Can’t wait to see what they have in store!

  • Mikey

    Please don’t mess with the brunch menu!

  • Mr Smith

    The first step for success would be to stop bringing in bands named after Muppet body parts…

  • Rob

    This was our favorite lunch place. The Cuban sandwhich is amazing. Heck, I tried just about everything on the menu and it was an under-appreciated lunch stop. I know we are looking forward to the reopening, but hopefully the menu stays the same.

  • Ooh I’m very interested to hear what changes will be made. I actually like Clarendon Grill! I agree they could improve the flow of traffic around the bar and I always trip going to the dance floor, even completely sober.

  • Beto

    The ARLnow writer needs to do a little more research before posting. Clarendon Grill’s closing for renovations has been public knowledge for about 2 weeks now so it’s not sudden at all. I know this because my friends who go on Monday nights for the dancing have been posting about it on their Facebook profiles.


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