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Pet Adoption Van Goes AWOL With Dogs, Cats Inside

by ARLnow.com August 2, 2010 at 11:34 am 2,850 5 Comments

It was a tense eight hours for the Arlington-based Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation on Saturday. A van filled with two dozen dogs and four cats was supposed to be en route from the organization’s ranch in Fauquier County, Va. to an adoption event in Seven Corners, but contact with the driver was lost and the van never showed up.

The foundation reported the van stolen and posted a plea for information about its whereabouts on their Facebook page. After eight hours, the van and its driver, a foundation employee who had been on the job for eight months, were finally located at the Vienna, Va. branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“All the dogs and cats were fine,” foundation vice president Paul Blumberg said. “I think the humans were more distraught than the dogs.”

The van’s air conditioning had been on the entire time, preventing a potentially dangerous situation in the summer heat.

It’s still not clear what exactly happened. The employee said she got lost and her cell phone died, NBC4 reported.

Blumberg said he did not have a chance to talk with the employee, but she seemed upset. Since the animals were fine, and since officers did not suspect that the woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, police let her go home.

In the organization’s nine years in existence, nothing like this has ever happened, Blumberg said. He said the foundation’s board will discuss the incident and “see if there are any changes that need to be made.”

One such change may be putting a GPS tracking system in each of the organization’s vehicles, Blumberg said.

Despite the incident, the foundation was able to find homes for 49 dogs and cats this weekend.

  • YTK

    This is insane!!! Was she lost??? She could have at least notified the local police who would have helped her out!!!

  • Just some background, Lost Dogs Rescue has been in the Arlington area – I think they are about a decade old – and are truly a great rescue organization. They work strongly with shelters and humane societies, rescuing dogs from places where they would otherwise be killed. They hold multiple adoption events every week – this week – even with this incident they are reporting that they adopted out 49 cats and dogs. The Arlington event is Saturday at the Seven Corners PetSmart.

    What happened with the van on Saturday is unfortunately, and it is good that the van was found and the dogs are safe. Keep in mind that this is really a great organization. If you go to any dog park in Arlington, many of the dogs will be alumni from Lost Dogs.

    • Dan

      I agree that they do really good work in the service of homeless dogs and cats.

    • dog owner

      I got my sweet girl from Lost Dog six years ago, and before that I volunteered with them for a number of months. It’s truly a wonderful organization and well worth supporting.

  • Katie

    I’m very happy the animals were OK.


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