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Berry Says He’ll Vote for Murray

by ARLnow.com August 4, 2010 at 8:13 am 1,571 9 Comments

It’s not exactly a heartfelt, ringing endorsement, but former GOP candidate for congress Matthew Berry has written a letter to supporters saying that he will vote for Patrick Murray.

Murray, who defeated Berry in June’s Republican primary, raised the ire of many local Republicans by sending out a controversial last-minute mailer about Berry. One local conservative blogger called the mailer “foul” and “disgusting,” although Murray maintained that his campaign’s conduct was aboveboard.

Nonetheless, two months after the mailer went out, Berry appears to be trying to bury the hatchet.

In the letter, Berry writes that “Patrick is generally on the right side while [incumbent Democrat] Jim Moran and [Green Party candidate] Ron Fisher are generally on the wrong side.” He also notes that “Patrick is the only candidate who will vote to give Republicans control of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

One month ago, Berry would only go so far as to tell an audience of Arlington Republicans that Murray “deserves our respect.”

(Earlier we mentioned the conspicuous lack of the word “endorse” in the letter, but it turns out the subject line was “Endorsement.”)

  • R Warren

    Sort of irrelevant as the chances of a Republican winning our district are less than the odds for an August snowfall.

  • JR

    it shouldn’t be about republican or democrat – it should about the fact that Jim Moran is not a good representative of the people of his district. his anti-Semitic statements and violent behavior shouldn’t be representative of my hometown. but apparently too many people care about party labels over the character of the people involved.

    • JoshS

      Of course it’s about republican or democrat. While I may not be thrilled with everything Jim Moran does, a vote for a republican is a vote for republican leadership of the House. And I’m willing to go with Moran over that.

  • Darwin

    Sort of like Hillary’s endorsement of Barrack. She must still be bitter because he didn’t get an invite to the wedding!

  • Efrem

    Jim Moran could be a vegetable on life support and brain-dead Arlington progressives would still vote for the Democrat fraud.

    • fatkidspecial

      aren’t we nice…

  • KM

    Agree, it shouldn’t be about whether someone is a republican or democrat – it should about the fact that Jim Moran is not a good representative of his district. He’s been in party too long and tends to have a teflon attitude – time to come back to reality. Vote him out!

  • No Honor No Courage

    What happened, happened. You can’t just sweep it under the rug, though I really respect Matthew for being so decent about it all. However, my position about whether to support Murray hasn’t changed. I can’t support someone who will say or do anything to win an election. That’s why we end up with crappy representatives like Moran. What Murray did was so vile, so disgusting, and so wrong that my judgement of him hasn’t changed. He still has no honor and no courage, and I will write in Matthew’s name on election day.

  • No Honor or Courage… at all!

    @No Honor: Well said! Matthew B. Berry is getting my vote on November 2. Incomprehensibly, Murray still says that he follows the Golden Rule (treat others as you would want them to treat you). I guess Murray wanted Berry to send out false mailers, and to go to churches (or synagogues) and stir people up against Murray… man, Murray is more screwed up than Moran!


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