Group Offering Free Solar Water Heater Installation

by ARLnow.com August 13, 2010 at 12:34 pm 3,120 14 Comments

In an effort to promote the use of energy-saving solar water heaters, Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment is launching a new initiative this fall. The group will organize volunteers to install solar water heaters for Arlington residents willing to shell out the cash to purchase the systems.

ACE is calling it their “Solar Raisers Program” — a take-off on Amish barn raisings. They’ve started recruiting members to volunteer on weekends for the day-long installations. They’re also looking for homeowners who are interested in the solar systems.

Homeowners who participate in the program will save $3,500 in labor costs, ACE says. They will still have to purchase the water heating system itself — which should cost about $2,300 after tax rebates. And they will have to provide food and drink to the volunteers.

“With the reduced labor costs, the system typically pays for itself in less than four years,” ACE noted in an email to supporters. “This compares to a seven to nine year period payback a full-priced installation.”

Arlington homeowners interested in participating (and anyone who wants to volunteer) should contact Dan Conant at conantd [at] gmail.com or 571-243-0745.

Conant says he’s received 15 applications from homeowners and has about 30 volunteers who have expressed interest in helping out.

Photo via Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment

  • Ryan

    Who do we contact if we’re interested in being a volunteer?

    • Just talked to Dan again — he says he is the contact for volunteers as well.

  • Sunny617


  • Efrem

    Can illegal aliens volunteer for this event?

  • Jason DL

    Do you really have to make this about illegal aliens? Besides, don’t you know that illegal aliens can do anything they want in the US anyway?!

  • k

    Efream is what is know in internet circles as a troll. SOP would be to completely ignore him/her.

  • Jason DL

    So if someone shows up to volunteer and looks like this http://bit.ly/cZyiZI , then I’ll know who made the comment. Thanks k, mental note.

  • k


  • TGEoA

    Good luck getting any HOA to approve those things.

  • Great job by ACE!

  • Efrem

    A vast cadre of upscale ruling class snob-nosed elitist Arlington Democrap progressives hire illegal aliens to do everyday chores around their homes that most Democraps are too stupid to figure out how to do themselves.

    Could you picture Chris Zimmerman firing up a Stihl MS 290 chain saw to drop a broken limb from a tree in his yard? Or Jay Fisette renting a power washer to clean his deck? Or Paul Ferguson going to Advanced Auto Parts to get the goods to change his crankcase oil himself? HELL NO.

    That is why Arlington loves illegal aliens and that is why they want more to move in living off the government teat funded by hardworking Arlingtonians that do know how to drop a limb and change oil themselves.

  • Darwin

    I think this is great! It’s nice to see people who believe in this working to make it happen. Most “green” folks I know do litle more than complain before driving their SUV to Whole Foods.

    I’d do this is a second if I owned instead of rented!

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