• Scott

    One time a black cat darted across the road while I was driving. Five minutes later I was involved in an accident.

  • charlie

    I sometimes worry that “Thes” will show up on my front steps with Zimmie in tow, demanding I retract all my statements on Arlnow or else.
    Good thing I don’t have front steps or I’d be anxious all day today because that would be a true Friday the 13th.

  • Pope Lando

    Saying the word “no-hitter” during a no-hitter.

  • V Dizzle

    …getting killed in the prison yard.

  • DrDee

    Coming home to find sexy librarians have taken the Columbia Pike tram to my house and are dancing around with goat heads because they mistook it for Artisphere.

    My fears are very specific these days.

    • charlie

      your fears are much better than mine. Point serve.

  • Elizabeth

    That a tree will fall on my house. And these days, apparently that happens. *bites nails*

  • Going on Metro to see if today will be the day without delays, the AC not working, or the rude guy who keeps holding the doors open on the train with his big backpack

  • JJD

    I did not realize that it was Friday the 13th, until someone mentioned it while waiting in line to enter the Four Mile Run DMV.

    After waiting 15 minutes in line, the security guard allowed me to enter. So far, so good.

    Now, after waiting an hour and 15 minutes for my number to call, the power went out. After another 15 minutes waiting for the restoration of power, I had enough. It was the curse of Friday the 13th.


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