Arlington, VA

Morning Notes

Fairlington’s Timeless Qualities — The Washington Post profiles Fairlington, which was recently battered by severe thunderstorms (though mention of the storms is conspicuously absent from the article). If it weren’t for the modern cars parked around the neighborhood, the Post says, one could easily mistake Fairlington for a scene out of the 1950s.

Boutiques to Check Out — Support local business and discover new places to shop. Connection Newspapers has a list of a number of great local boutiques around Arlington.

Planetarium Supporters to Fundraise at Fair — The Friends of the David M. Brown Planetarium have raised more than $15,000 so far, but remain far from their $402,800 goal. To help close the gap, they’re going to set up a booth at the Arlington County Fair. More from the Sun Gazette.

Flickr pool photo by Philliefan99


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