Arlington Residents Commit 37 Percent of Crime in Arlington

by ARLnow.com August 18, 2010 at 1:52 pm 1,683 19 Comments

Most people arrested for crimes in Arlington live outside Arlington, according to police department booking records.

In 2009, Arlington police arrested 4,599 individuals for crime ranging from eluding to homicide. Of those, only 1,731, or 37.6 percent, listed Arlington as their city of residence.

The remaining 62.4 percent either lived elsewhere or did not list a fixed address.

According to police, 538 individuals listed no fixed address — which amounts to 11.7 percent of all arrests.

Comparable statistics were not available from neighboring jurisdictions.

  • Neighbor

    All signs point to “close proximity to DC”?

    • david

      Or drunk 20 somethings from Fairfax County.

    • Deb

      When we had a rash of car thefts in my ‘hood a few years back, the culprits were from PG County.

  • V Dizzle

    I have a solution. Build a wall between Arlington County and our neighbor to the south…Alexandria. Crime will surely decrease, and people from Old Town will stop taking Arlington jobs.

  • Anthony

    You meant “county of residence” rather than “city of residence”, right?

    • The data given is for “city of residence.” Just like you would list your “city” as Arlington when getting something shipped to your address.

  • Hikin’ the Pike

    Ok….the math part of me comes out….37.6 rounds up to 38% I know it now makes the crime rate look terrible. 🙂

  • KateKirk

    When I read this headline, I thought it meant that Arlingtonians commit just 37% of their crimes in the county; the remaining crimes are committed in say, Fairfax, PG county or even in the greater NY-NJ area. We’re exporters!

  • Efrem

    I find solace in the fact that Arlington is such a peaceful and harmonic community in touch with the progressive soul of those that call this tolerant oasis their home. The vibes of serenity gather around me as soon as I cross the border and find my being again within the thresholds of Arlington. Arlington should set the pulse for the rest of America, but since it doesn’t, we can find tranquility in knowing that our essence is the standard that all should follow. Oh the flow of progressive thought just captures me as I write this, for a moment I thought the Pacific was surrendering at my toes. I have seen the light after being erased at times from this otherwise prudent forum. I’d love to have tea with Babs Favola and watch Chris Zimmerman direct Walter Tejada in how to change a tire. I have found solace on this forum and I am a changed person. Obama is God and that is that.

  • CadeTyler

    Finally! Efrem is back on his meds!

  • charlie

    The look aid is delicious isn’t it, Efren.

  • charlie

    Kool Aid is delicious.

  • dpan

    With all this crime going on, it’s good to know Efrem’s thesaurus is still safe.

  • John

    “No fixed addres” = illegal aliens

  • Let’s Be Free

    Truth be known, I would surprised if 37 percent of the arrested actually supplied their current address.

  • Dave

    Do have you the breakdown from where the remaining individuals who were arrested came from?

    • Because of the complexity of the records system, we were unfortunately not able to provide a breakdown of the other locations.

      • Dave

        Ah too bad, would have been good but still an interesting article.

  • Arlington Officer

    Regarding that 11.7% of arrestees listed as having “no fixed address”, some of them are truly homeless but a good amount are people who either 1) are too drunk to provide their address at the time of arrest or 2) refuse to provide their address.


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