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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 20, 2010 at 4:10 am 1,832 8 Comments

Arlington Awarded HUD Homelessness Grant — Arlington County has been awarded a $540,000 competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The money will help homeless families reunite or remain united by providing them with housing vouchers. With the family placed into housing, the children will no longer need to be placed into foster care. The vouchers will also be used by youth exiting the foster care system. A total of 50 individuals and families are expected to benefit. More from Arlington County.

Virginia Hospital Center Cheaper Than Inova Fairfax — Bloomberg reporter Peter Waldman takes a look at the impact of local hospital monopolies on the cost of medical procedures. According to the article, the average cost of a conventional birth at Arlington’s Virginia Hospital Center is $5,100, compared to $6,750 at Inova Fairfax. An abdominal CT scan costs $1,150 at Virginia Hospital Center, but costs $2,300 at Inova Fairfax. One analyst said the price difference is a result of Inova’s dominance in Northern Virginia.

Business Leaders Still Peeved at HOT Lanes Suit — Arlington business leaders are still fuming at Arlington’s costly lawsuit against High Occupancy Toll lanes on I-395. This time, the Chamber of Commerce is speaking out against the recent naming of Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez as an individual defendant in the suit. Mendez will now have to hire his own attorney and face Arlington’s charge that HOT lanes benefit wealthy white people at the expense of poor minorities, Chamber chairman Philip Keating told TBD.

  • TGEoA

    Don’t PPOs drive much of the price of hospital procedures, which is negotiated by the inusrance companies?

    • Jenn

      I was wondering if it was partly due to Arlington being more of a local hospital, and Fairfax more of a regional hospital, handling more serious conditions and that costs impacting the overall costs of running the hospital.

      VHC is operated by Medstar, INOVA is obviously seperately managed. I imagine that impacts the costs as well.

      • Lou

        VHC is not Medstar. Medstar operates Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown.

        • Jenn

          There is some sort of connection. My son was critcally ill and due to whatever partnership they have, he was transfered to Georgetown, not Fairfax.

  • charlie

    Arlington is suing a federal worker? Why? What basis? Federal workers are what make up a major part of our population. Are others at risk of arbitrary suits? How did this get so personal and what is to be gained from that? Can we now sue EPA for their factual errors on Ches Bay?

  • Rick

    This grant will last all of one year. After that, who’s going to pay? Take a guess?

  • T. J. Sullivan

    Jenn, you hit the nail on the head. VHC is a terrific hospital where I have received first class care. Nevertheless, it is a community hospital with commensurate capabilities and levels of care. Inova Fairfax is a regional hospital with a particular specialty in labor and delivery that has some of the most sophistcated equipment (NICU) and top-ranked physicians specializing in that area. That explains much of the difference in cost per delivery.

    • Sampson

      Thestate of the art equipment may justify a 25% premium – a doubling of the price is acting like a monopoly.


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