A Look Inside the New Fire Works Pizza in Courthouse

by ARLnow.com August 24, 2010 at 4:25 pm 4,205 21 Comments

Update at 4:35 p.m. — Exclusive: here’s a sneak peak at Fire Works’ temporary menu.

Fire Works Pizza has opened for its second night in business in Courthouse.

As of 4:00 the bar was officially open — even though employees and contractors were still busy putting cash in the registers and arranging glasses. As of 5:00, dinner will be served.

The restaurant is operating under limited hours and with a limited menu while employees get up to speed and while some of the final touches are put into place. Management expects to get all the wrinkles ironed out in 3-4 weeks.

Also worth looking forward to: the open-air fireplace on the outside patio should be working soon.

Here are a few photos we took around the place this afternoon.

  • Lauren

    But what about the most important question: when/ what are the happy hour specials?

    • No specials this week. Something along the lines of half-priced appetizers and reduced-price beer is expected to start next week.

  • The beer reminds me of Dremo’s (nostalgic sigh)… The decor? Reminds me of cheesy hotel lobby. Hopefully they’ll figure out a way to inject some soul. Maybe beer is enough?…

  • GK

    Quality beer fixes a lot of things…

  • Ryan

    I know the sign is blank right now, but anyone know if they have any casks going right now?

    • No casks tonight, but management expects to have them flowing tomorrow.

      • Clarendude

        Are you guys talking about cask-conditioned ale (a.k.a. Real Ale – see CAMRA-Campaign for Real Ale)?

  • I like the beer flags and using the exposed metal pipes for the tap system.

  • V Dizzle

    Beer is good enough for me, or else I’d never go to RFD.

  • Anonymous

    I walked by the other day when they were open. The outside music was really blaring. I hope they keep it down a bit in the future (just a tip if the owners are reading this). It’s nice to keep the neighbors happy!

  • MC

    Still not yet open for lunch for a few weeks yet, according to the latest sign posted on the door today.

  • Katie

    Another pizza place?

  • omar

    remind me again, why did Pizza de Resistance ever bother closing?

  • Pizza Saturation

    I can’t believe how many pizza places will be in Arlington, not that I’ve ever turned down a good slice. It looks like Arlington will be the pizza nexus of the Mid-Atlantic. The count of pizza focused restaurants in Arlington must be over 20 including all the ones that are soon to open. We should see if we can name them all, like Categories in the game of Kings. I’ll start: Pupatella

    • Smizzle

      Bertucci’s, Goody’s, Homemade Pizza… to name a few. I hold a corporate job but am waiting tables at Fireworks as well. Its up there as far as quality and atmosphere. Come sit in my section and I’ll make sure you enjoy the slices.

      • V Dizzle

        You like’e de sauce? I give you de sauce.

    • TGEoA

      Meh, most of these pizza joints suck, with the exception of Goody’s and the Eye-talian store.

  • It looks like a nice place. I will definitely give try it.

  • Kirstin

    It’s more of a beer place than a pizza place, in my view. A good beer selection is the cure for what ails ya, and the fact that I can get a growler of some good brew in my own neighborhood warms my cockles ;).

  • SharonTB

    Any word about growlers? Will they be filling them? Do they have their own or will they fill a standard growler? Excellent beer list!

  • AllenB

    Just ate there tonight with friends. Food was great and the service was super friendly and helpful. Definitely a great addition to the neighborhood. I’ll be back.


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