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Metro Introduces ‘Next Train’ Real-Time Arrival Info Via Phone

by ARLnow.com August 31, 2010 at 1:18 pm 1,932 9 Comments

You can now place a call and find out exactly when the next Metrorail train is expected to arrive. Today Metro is rolling out its ‘Next Train’ phone service, to complement the existing internet and mobile web-based services.

To access the real-time system, riders call Metro’s customer service line at 202-637-7000, say “Next Train,” then say the station name after the prompt. The automated system utilizes voice recognition technology.

“Up-to-the-minute information is key to the convenience of transit; the easier it is to know when your train is coming, the easier it is to manage your schedule,” said Arlington County board member Chris Zimmerman, who also sits on the Metro Board of Directors.

After the jump: Metro released a video demonstrating how the system works.

  • Is that your bag?

    Web-based alternative:

  • TGEoA

    When is Zimmie going to prod Metro to release their data so that Google Transit will be able to do the same thing?

    • charlie

      good question. it is an amazing tool and yet METRO doesn’t have it. maybe because it ins’t zimmie’s idea, it ain’t moving forward.

  • Skeptical

    Can someone tell me why we need this? I mean, if you need to place a phone call to find out when the Metro train is due, the system is already malfunctioning.

    Fergawdsake hold off introducing these beeps and whistles until we have a reliable system of elevators and escalators, at least.

    • TGEoA

      Actually Google Transit is excellent. Most major cities you can navigate around the city via train/bus quite easily — if the data is provided. WMATA is so f’ed up with priorities.

    • charlie

      metro should focus onthe basics. bells and whistles don’t do any good. they aren’t exciting and they aren’t hiding the fact that the system stinks.

      • Molly

        Well said Charlie. Use the new additional monies they’re getting out of our “peak of peak” fares and actually improve the system.

  • This will come in very handy during non-rush hours. NextBus is great-sucks. Great when the buses have the tranmitter on; sucks when they don’t.

    • Molly

      Here here! Also not helpful when the trackers track the bus on the other side of the street instead of the one going in your direction.


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