Crumbs Is Coming Soon

by ARLnow.com September 3, 2010 at 7:21 am 4,694 14 Comments

Signs for the new Crumbs Bake Shop are up next to Lululemon and Red Mango on Clarendon Boulevard. Clarendon Culture reports the store is expected to open in December.

The storefront has nearly 900 square feet of space for the popular New York-based cupcakery. According to county records, the store’s initial floorplan calls for 10 indoor seats and no sidewalk cafe.

The new location still hasn’t been listed on the Crumbs web site.

Update at 10:00 a.m. — A Crumbs rep confirms: Opening “by the end of the year.” It seems plausible that the store could open sooner — the company started applying for permits in July.

Update at 2:30 p.m. — Added photos of the exterior and interior. I’m becoming more and more convinced that we’ll see a pre-Thanksgiving opening date.

Update at 2:50 p.m. — Contrary to what Clarendon Culture and ARLnow.com is being told by the company, a Crumbs spokesperson is telling TBD that the Clarendon Crumbs is hoping for a late September or early October opening. This morning, a rep at Crumbs HQ told us it “definitely” would not be open within a month. Sigh.

Update on 9/22 — Crumbs just emailed ARLnow.com to let us know that they’re planning on a mid-November opening.

  • TGEoA

    Out of buisness in 18 months.

    • SD

      Actually I think this will make Bakeshop going out of business instead. Crumbs is nationally known and in a great foot traffic spot. Bakeshop is in an awful spot and makes a limited amount of their cupcakes and cookies each weekend and are often “sold out”. It is frustrating to get there and only be able to choose from a few cupcakes and not what you went there for. Bring on Crumbs!

      • LP

        Agree with you SD – was thinking the same thing when I walked by last night. Plus, as good as Bakeshop is they only make 3-4 things a day and always run out.

      • Unfortunately, I also think Crumbs will take much of Bakeshop’s much-needed business. It’s sad to see any business struggle, so I hope Bakeshop somehow comes through strong.

  • NOVABrian

    Sigh…another chain, albeit one with a good rep. What’s with the cupcake craze?

    • BlueLoom

      Totally agree! I just don’t get this cupcake craze. I didn’t much like them when they were the b’day treat of choice in elementary school, and I don’t like them now. I think all of these cupcake shops will be out of business within a couple of years–when the Great Cupcake Bubble bursts.

  • Clarendude

    I think I will eat nothing but pizza, cupcakes and beer for a yea and chronicle my journey for a documentary – who’s with me ? I’m looking forward to the salads at Tangy-sweet and Clarendon could use a real, authentic Philly Cheesesteak place and an Italian Store but it would be nice also to see some more retail move in. Is there any brick and mortar store that specializes in Independent-label music ? Like CDBaby (http://www.cdbaby.com/About) does online ? Some place to buy non-Apple computer accessories and computer/AV cables, a good candle shop (I buy lots of candles), and could I get my Hardware store back ?

    • Thes

      Perhaps we could hold a contest: you on pizza and cupcakes, and me on Irish pub food. See who can last the longest without leaving Clarendon.

  • Clarendude: I like the documentary idea! I’ve spent a lot of time looking into opening a REAL Philly Cheesesteak place in the Clarendon area, but it seems to be too expensive. Haven’t totally given up on it, and am thinking a lunch/dinner/late night truck option.

  • Very much looking forward to this–although I wasn’t able to get a peek inside. http://cupcakesomg.blogspot.com/2010/09/look-alive-georgetown-cupcake.html

    • “So here it shall be, on Clarendon Boulevard, directly between overpriced yoga pants and fro-yo shops.”

      Great line.

    • Greg

      Courthouse VA? Is this not right in the middle of Clarendon?

  • JJ

    Yes, it’s Clarendon. It is taking over the old Farinelli’s space.


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