In Arlington, They Even Give Cops Parking Tickets

by ARLnow.com September 3, 2010 at 2:48 pm 3,189 16 Comments

Everybody knows that parking enforcement is strict in Arlington. So strict, apparently, that even this Crown Vic with an Arlington Police vest inside got ticketed on Clarendon Boulevard, near the Whole Foods.

We’ve also heard of federal government vehicles getting ticketed.

Unanswered question: If it was indeed a police vehicle, will Arlington use tax dollars to pay the fine to themselves?

  • Zimmie

    All may park. All must pay!

    • S. Arl. resident

      Bad, bad car drivers – unwanted in Arlington!

  • GK

    Yes! Well, that made my Friday…

  • Dan

    Trust me, it must have been accidental. There is almost always a cop car parked beyond the metered spots and next to the no parking from here to corner sign right next to the Clarendon Metro on the Clarendon Blvd. side.
    I always want to leave notes on cop cars when I see them not just not paying a meter, but actually illegally parking on the streets/sidewalks.

    • Capt. Logic

      You realize, of course, that if on-duty cops had to feed the parking meters, it would amount to the county paying themselves. Seems terribly wasteful and silly. There’s a reason why local government vehicles are exempt from parking fines.

      • Rob

        Seems silly in theory, yes; but there’s also the question of perception. When government vehicles feed the meters, the system at least appears to be egalitarian.

    • AG

      The way I see it, I’d rather police park on the sidewalk than take up the precious few parking spots we have!

  • Kevin

    I’d rather see the meter maids themselves get ticketed for blocking traffic, parking illegally and generally being a nuisance

  • Dave T

    Chance of that ticket being paid? Zippo.

  • Michael

    My father is a retired cop. You guys maybe unhappy to see a cop parked illegally on the street, but chances that police officer may be responding to a call. A police officer will probably not take the time to hunt for a legal parking space, and if you called the police, you probably don’t want them wasting time parking their car instead of responding to you. Now if he or she is off duty and parking illegally, then that’s a problem.

  • Fat Kid.

    Can meter maids get parking tickets too?

    I see them parked in bike lanes, in front of fire hydrants and blocking lanes of traffic every day.

  • MrCar

    I think everyone should have a free, reserved space to park their car, right in front of wherever they are going. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about all this silly ticketing.

  • SlopeSurfer

    I see a cop car parked illegally a few times a week on 13th ST. Not sure if working out in the gym is considered on duty.

    • JLB

      Slope — Both ACPD and ACFD personnel are required (per SOP…whether it actually happens is another matter…) to do physical training for one hour per shift. So yes, that cop on 13th St. may very well be on duty. Or he may just be parking illegally because he can. I dunno…

  • Ima Fnidiot

    I wish I had nothing more important in my life than worry about the police….

  • othersideoftheriver

    If they’re responding to a call, I would expect the ticket to be nullified the same way that a call-in on a malfunctioning meter would be for a regular citizen. If they’re not on call, they should feed the meter.


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