Elevator Woes For Metro

by ARLnow.com September 13, 2010 at 8:48 am 1,970 7 Comments

Half of Arlington’s ten Metro stations are experiencing elevator problems this morning.

Elevators are out in the Rosslyn, Courthouse, Ballston, Pentagon, and Crystal City stations.

One person became trapped in the Courthouse elevator this morning after it experienced some sort of mechanical problem. Paramedics were dispatched to the scene after it was reported that the individual inside was having trouble breathing, but he or she refused treatment upon being freed from the elevator.

  • And the other half are being used by pedestrians who could take the escalator – getting in the way of those with who must take the elevator.

    • Thes

      The problem with the overcrowded Courthouse elevator is that it is the only entrance to the Courthouse metro station that isn’t hundreds of feet to the east of the station.

      A person standing at the corner of Barton and Clarendon is standing directly above the first car of any westbound train. But to get 80 feet vertically down, they have to walk nearly 2500 feet east above ground and west below ground to get to the car. Using the elevator cuts 1000 feet off that trip. Anyone who has circled a parking lot at a store to find a parking space 75 feet closer to the store entrance can imagine how much of an inconvenience 1000 feet could seem like to someone who uses the station each day. This is a design flaw of the Courthouse Metro station, and it results in a chronically overburdened and crowded elevator. Ballston and several other stations have similar problems.

      • charlie

        Who cares about people who live at Barton and Clarendon? Right, most people don’t.
        Once you are AT the elevator, it is only a short walk to get to the escalator. The elevators are overburdened because lazy people can’t walk another 100 feet. Sad. They probably take two seats too.

        • Reply-all

          It’s not my opinion that it’s 100 feet. It’s my opinion that it’s seventeen MILES from the elevator to the other entrance. And we are all entitled to our own opinion! Therefore, you’re wrong.

          • charlie

            a tad of an exaggeration perhaps?
            most people would benefit from walking a bit more.
            and replyall might benefit from some fresh air.

  • TGEoA

    Way to go Zimmie!

    • charlie

      the good news is that the Zimmie-rail (the overpriced un-needed not wanted trolley) will not have stations. No suffocating there. Well, except for the debt.


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