Ballston Intersection Becomes Sprayground Park?

by ARLnow.com September 15, 2010 at 11:45 am 1,711 4 Comments

It may look like county workers are installing a new sprayground park in the middle of the intersection at North Henderson Road and North Thomas Street, near Ballston Common Mall. Alas, they’re just working on the pipes.

One worker told us the geyser was created on purpose to help drain one of the pipes.

Hat tip to D.P. for the heads up.

  • umm

    didnt we just see an article about not using water because Arlington is under a water shortage? So now we are purposely wasting tons of water?

    • Lou

      Well I guess they could have captured the water, drove up to Harpers Ferry or somewhere and dumped in back in the river so we could use it again.

  • JosephRicks

    so what kind of water will this drainage geyser be spraying? dirty tap water? I can’t wait …

  • umm

    water is water- it can be used for watering plants.


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