Neighbors Say Hopkins Shooter Was a “Quiet Guy” Who “Loved His Mother”

by ARLnow.com September 16, 2010 at 9:59 pm 2,288 8 Comments

Neighbors say Paul Warren Pardus was an aberration: a quiet, reserved guy in an otherwise open and friendly neighborhood.

Outside Pardus’ home on South Kenmore Street in Nauck tonight, a steady stream of reporters and television news crews stopped by to interview neighbors about the man who just hours earlier was the biggest story on the national news.

Pardus had allegedly shot a doctor in the abdomen at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after becoming “emotionally distressed” about the prognosis for his ailing, elderly mother. Then, as police surrounded the hospital room he had holed up in, Pardus fatally shot his mother, then himself.

“It’s just unbelievable, it really is,” said Pardus’ next-door neighbor, Theresa Green. “He was a really nice guy.”

Neighbor Ronald Day said Pardus lived with his mother, was unmarried, had no kids, and was an only child. He said Day and his mother had lived in the small house on Kenmore Street for at least three years.

“He really loved his mother, he really did,” Day said. “He cared a whole lot about her… the only thing he was his mother.”

Day said the mother had become ill recently, prompting Pardus, a MetroAccess driver, to check on her often.

“He always came back to see if she was okay,” Day said.

But others weren’t as charitable in their assessment of the 50-year-old man who was only seen when coming or going from work or when doing yard work.

“He was just weird,” said Elaine Green. “We kept our distance.”

“It’s very surprising, but I wouldn’t put it past him… you never know what someone’s capable of,” she said.

  • charlie

    yet another reason while people shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns, concealed or not. I’m sorry about the bad news this man received but shooting the doctor didn’t make it any better.

    • Zack

      He could have just as easily used a butcher knife or a samurai sword – maybe we should just outlaw anything dangerous!

      • Some guy who’s replying to Zach

        At which point the imagination goes wild…

        Seriously, this guy had problems, and that’s what led him to do what he did. It’s an isolated incident. There’s really nothing anyone could have done about it (Hopkins has stated that the idea of setting up a metal detector system is a no-go, based on the number of people swarming in and out every day.)

        It’s tragic that Pardus killed his mother, tragic that he killed himself, it’s good that the doctor is going to be fine, hope this doesn’t ever happen again.

    • Tess

      Bingo! Something tells me that if the guy was carrying a samurai sword, it would have been easier to detect, and they probably wouldn’t have let him in. Having a permit to carry a conceled weapon and then acting on it – well, that’s why people are against concealed weapon permits. He did nothing to advance gun rights, that’s for sure.

  • Maggie

    Let’s pray for the family they left behind and the doctor he shot (luckily he sounds like he will make it – and supposedly well-known in his field of orthopedics). I understand that the shooter still has a surviving brother. A little compassion please.

  • Naz

    No need to pray for the family, God knows they are all dysfunctional and insane. The surviving brother most likely is a nutball as well. I know, all human life is valuable, even that of murderous psychotic people who shoot innocent doctors just doing their job. It’s just good news to know he didn’t reproduce. Thank god he is no longer wasting our oxygen.

    • Jim S

      NAZ,you hit the nail on the head!the guy was a whack job, anyone who still lives with their mommy at 50 something is fked up! the only better outcome would have been if the mother had not been shot and the police sniped this worthless parasite as they did the idiot at the Discovery building.

  • A.C.

    I know that its alot to ask but please do not judge this man too harshly.

    To me this story speaks of a lifetime of frustration finally coming to a head..it sounds like all he had was his mother and other news stories say she just wanted to be able to walk again like when she was younger and went for treatment and was possibly paralyzed as a result. It must have been the final blow to see someone that he loved in the severe pain that arthritis and rumatism brings (I know this from experience…my mother is a few years older than his was and she’s also losing her ability to walk and it’s very frustrating that I can’t do anything to help)and perhaps he thought it was merciful (it was wrong of course as was shooting the pyhsician) and without his mother he saw no point in going on and ended his life.

    When you are surrounded by your loving family its easy to forget there are people in this world who don’t have the support system that you do and to this man his mother was everything.


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