New Eatery: Ganges Grill and Ice Cream

by ARLnow.com September 17, 2010 at 4:48 pm 3,787 13 Comments

The Quiznos that used to quietly do business on the ground floor of the Reserve at Clarendon Center building (3000 North Washington Boulevard) is no more, replaced by a homegrown eatery: Ganges Grill and Ice Cream.

The store has a decent selection of sandwiches, salads and ice cream. A sign out front suggested there would be burgers — maybe they’re still working on that, because it wasn’t on the menu. There were, however, hot dogs.

Ganges just opened so some initial kinks are to be expected. But on a visit this afternoon there were actually a few too many issues for comfort.

The store lacked napkins. The lighted menu boxes on the back wall were still bare, displaying only fluorescent tubes. The paper menus were littered with barely-decipherable misspellings. The server behind the counter was friendly but spoke little English, resulting in an order getting messed up. The hot dog bun was freezer-burned. And the total charge was determined with a calculator Scotch-taped to the front of a new-looking cash register.

The biggest bright spot was the ice cream, which was pretty tasty.

It’s always good to see homegrown businesses run by hard-working entrepreneurs supplant chains, so let’s hope Ganges can get their act together soon.

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  • Katie


    That brings to mind
    a. gangrene
    b. The River Ganges, that filthy cesspool where people shit and bathe

    • Greg

      It was between that or Love Canal Deli.

      • Katie

        Or the New Delhi Deli, or Bhopal Buns and Coffee.

      • Katie

        By the way, I have your Love Canal Deli right here.

        >nyuck nyuck nyuck<

  • Josh

    We’ve been joking about the name of this place since it moved in a couple weeks ago into our apt building. The owners/workers are the same as the ones that worked in the Quiznos’ that was there and the chicken and deli meat looks like Quiznos’… it’s weird

  • Nat

    Technically that isn’t “Lyon Park”…what’s with all the re-branding of Arlington? Guess it needs a sexy label for all the new comers.

    • You’re right, it’s on the north side of 10th Street which means it’s Clarendon. My apologies.

      • eosacritic

        ArlNow–Clarendon is made of up parts of 4 citizen’s associations. There is no part of Clarendon that is NOT part of a CA. The one covering that area is technically the Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association.

  • Michael

    Crap, now there are only five Quizno’s within a mile of my home.

  • Ya looks like someone’s franchise contract fell apart or they opted out – and they’re trying to run the “sandwich shop formerly known as quiznos”

    • Katie

      That’s interesting. The Quizno’s near Farragut closed recently; nothing new in its place.

  • jrs

    Thomas Sweet ice cream — yum! I’m assuming no blend-in machine, though.

    • eosacritic

      Does anyone else sell Thomas Sweet besides the eponymous store in Georgetown? Scoop Beauregard’s in Westover used to, but no more.


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