Utility Pole Downed in Front of Lyon Village Community House

by ARLnow.com September 17, 2010 at 8:27 pm 2,893 22 Comments

A car apparently crashed into a utility pole next to the Lyon Village Community House this evening, splitting the pole in two and, in a chain reaction, knocking down a street light up the street.

The striking car reportedly took off after the accident.

The wires that fell to the street were said to be fiber optic and not live power lines.

  • ObserverCollege

    First they put the Human Services building into the Village, but we weren’t supposed to worry about it. We were supposed to be “proud” of the “services” it provided so that people could stay in Arlington (as if that is supposed to be a goal). We just had to live in fear the entire time that thing bordered our community. No extra police to protect us.

    Then they put the Sprayground into the Village. Granted, we managed to keep out bathrooms so most of the riff-raff would stay away. Still, anyone who heads down to Lyon Village Park on a Saturday can take a look around and recognize a number of faces who simply don’t belong.

    Then they rammed through the housing project at First Baptist. This despite vociferous neighborhood explanations that the project is too big, and that you shouldn’t have more than a trio of townhomes on that lot. Then the County bankrupted us by forcing us to file four separate lawsuits against this project. All this without the extra police presence we need to protect against the people who will move in here, and without the reparations payments we would need to fund our own private security force.

    And now this. A motorist, clearly not a true Villager, knocks down a utility pole and runs away. So now our children cannot go to the community center because this thing is in the middle of the road. Just like they couldn’t walk to Lazy Sundae without fearing for their lives as they passed the HHS Building. Just like they can’t walk to Taylor or Science Focus without fretting over the ruffians who will be stomping by them, simply as a function of their placement in the affordabe housing lottery at First Baptist.

    Enough is enough. It’s time to replace Barbara Favola with a Lyon Village Board member who will represent the views of LYON VILLAGE–the community where she lives. Then maybe we won’t see utility poles get knocked over, endangering our children.

    • AllenB

      Thanks for a good laugh.

      • ObserverCollege

        How flippant, AllenB. It’s not YOUR tomato plants under siege from the affordable housing tower going up at First Baptist.

        People are SUFFERING in this community. Yet you laugh. You might want to learn a little something about a concept called “compassion”. We fall all over ourselves to send money to the people in Haiti and Pakistan, who struggle against disasters that their governments exacerbate. Yet in the Village we find a hole in the ground as big as any in those places, a metaphor for the devastation assaulting an entire neighborhood. Yet when you are asked to help out, to participate in the First Amendment Defense Fund, you laugh.

        Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame.

      • shirley

        Yo, Allen, I think the person is serious. Which is hysterical.
        Faces of people who don’t belong… ??

        • AllenB

          You’re right, Shirley. He/she may be serious but that’s what makes it even funnier. I hope they open a dayworker shelter nearby as well to make people like that completely apoplectic.

      • tuesdayschild

        Fake. This guy is obcessed (in a negative way) with Lyon Village and puts up these fake/sarcastic comments whenever he can.

        • Orange Line

          Charlie is like that, too. Maybe they’re related?

          Thumbs up to FiberOpticMan!

          • charlie

            charlie has never made a comment specifically about Lyon Village.
            charlie is sarcastic and usually to make fun of people who are too serious.
            charlie not serious person.

          • Orange Line

            I was speaking more generally, aren’t you the same Charlie from the TJ’s thread who likes to park in Lyon Village when shopping at Whole Foods?

            For someone who’s not serious, you’re using up a lot of bandwidth on this site to be mean-spirited and negative. There are lots of puppies who need a good home — maybe a better use of your energy.

          • charlie

            ahh exactly my point.
            I say I park in Lyon Village to use WHole Foods. YOU assume that this is a mean and negative posting. HUH?
            i park in lyon village because it is easy and simple and I get to say hi to friends and drive by nice houses. i don’t park in lyon village to annoy people, i do it just because it is convenient.
            soooo mybe you should go get one of those puppies and learn to be less sensitive, maybe?

  • FiberOpticMan

    I’ve come to save the day!

  • JohnB

    ObserverCollge, I am 100% with you. People have a right to expect their neighborhood not to be exploited by people outside the neighborhood. I live in an affluent yet diverse neighborhood in N. Arl, and the neighbors love it. Yet we do not want outsiders overrunning our neighborhood–nor do most people.

    Lyon Village used to be one of the nicest places in all of the DC area. Now it’s suffering because the County board, in their delusions of being Mother Teresa, have allowed ghettos of young, smug, overpaid nouveau riche to be shoehorned into the over-tall condos–and at the same time allowed a church to be used as housing. Air rights? Gimme a break. If any type of property has air rights that are separate and exempt from the zoning that applies to the actual construction, then we are all screwed, because any home/church/business will be able to put whatever it wants on top of itself.

    I’m a liberal Democrat, but I’m voting for Kelly and any other Republican with the guts to run for the Board (so long as they’re not a Teabagger).

    • BoredHouseWife

      Everyone wants to help the poor soul, but no one wants one in their neighborhood.

    • fat kid

      This regurgitated attempt at sarcasm is getting a little old.

      Can we all agree that putting the HHS building far away from the communities it was built to serve was a stupid idea in the first place?

      Can we all agree that building 10 story buildings overlooking single family homes is not the type of ‘smart growth’ we want in our community?

      Can we all agree that spending $600,000+ per unit of affordable housing and subsidizing a church is an absurd use of public funds?

      I do not live in Lyon Village, but regardless of where you live in the County, these are legitimate criticisms that County Board members have largely ignored, Favola in particular. Additionally, the snipes at class crap is juvenile and ignorant. A majority of people who live in Lyon Village have been there for years and probably paid less for their lovely colonials than the county’s newbies paid for their condos.

      I’m a Dem, have been all my life, but on a local level…The current composition of the county board has done a poor job of serving the interests of all communities within Arlington. Their poor decisions, careless spending, and cheap budget gimmicks have negatively impacted all Arlingtonians.

      • The Question No One Can Answer

        If the Board is so awful, why do each of the members keep getting re-elected by such large margins?

        • Greg

          Because a very large portion of the electorate reflexively votes (D). I’m certainly no Republican and haven’t voted for a Republican for Federal office in 20 years, but it’s time for the County board to be shaken up a little bit.

        • el fat kid

          What he said.

  • Harry Rogers

    I completely sympathize with rich folk in the Village. I live in a down and out part of South Arlington. Everybody knows where I’m talking about. It’s where all the TeeVee trucks were last week after brother Warren offed his mother. Same thing is happening to us down here. The county want to revitalize our community and more and more I’m seeing faces that just don’t belong. Faces so bright I have to keep my shades on. People coming in building their McMansions and tearing down homes that used to house 15 folks. They’re making my property values go up, and I can’t afford to pay them kind of taxes. So I agree, don’t let those unfamiliar faces creep into the Village, keep ‘em down here is South Arlington where the police have experience with us and know how to keep us in place.

    • charlie

      harry, i greatly fear for your nice neighborhood. green valley. if you don’t know what that is, then you don’t belong. you are having a great deal forced down your community by the Zimmie man. protect yourself.

  • tuesdayschild

    I agree with Fat Kid; well said!

  • eee

    To Mr. ObserverCollege:
    If the church building will harm your precious tomato plants then I assume you live within several hundred yards of the metro station. If you lived there after the metro was built (as I did) but before the development. i.e., in the early 90’s, then you should not be concerned with the “faces that don’t belong” b/c that is who inhabited Clarendon at that time. It was not a safe place. If you moved there after the development, then you are just plain naive and a bit stupid to think that tall buildings and other development would not occur within several hundred feet of the metro.

    Either way, perhaps you and John B. should go move out to a mcmansion in Ashburn or Leesburg with other “people who belong” and where they won’t build “overtall” buildings that shadow your plants.

  • Arlington

    Uhm…. What’s wrong with parking in Lyon Village? I’m with you Charlie. I don’t understand the sense of entitlement. I park in Lyon Village because there are streets in Lyon Village. I also pay a lot of taxes to Arlington and live in another high-rent area, but that doesn’t give one the right to privatize a public street.


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