Technical Difficulties

by Scott Brodbeck September 20, 2010 at 10:33 am 2,390 15 Comments

First of all, I want to thank all of you for sticking with us last week when we were experiencing some major server problems. The site struggled with capacity problems all week and went down multiple times.

Over the weekend we upgraded to a new server with a new host. Accessing the site should now be faster and more reliable. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, our team was working out the kinks until late last night. A change our hosting company applied while we were sleeping went awry, and anyone who visited the site between 5:30 and 9:20 a.m. got an error message. If you tried to visit the home page during that time, and you still cannot see it, you need to clear your browser cache. See instructions on how to do so here.

Also, if you visited the site between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Friday, and saw something weird, please run a quick scan of your antivirus software. Our old hosting service was experiencing major problems across thousands of sites, and ours was affected briefly.

This site is largely a labor of love, and I love how it’s growing into a real community. I hope you can forgive our recent technical transgressions and continue reading and commenting and telling friends

(Also, a big thank you to our awesome, growing roster of advertisers, who are increasingly helping to fund this ‘labor of love.’)

Okay, back to real news.

  • RestonRunner86

    Thank Goodness! I was nearly hyper-ventilating, fearful that you had decided to quit operating the site cold-turkey. As someone looking to move to Arlington in 2011 this has been the most valuable online resource I’ve been able to find about the community and am very grateful for the dedication and hard work that’s invested into this!

    P.S. Okay, now for a side question. I’ve fallen in love with Westover, but a CraigsList search for apartments/rentals has provided me with little to go on. I’m intrigued by the Westover Apartments themselves, as I don’t mind older complexes at all, but I’m hearing conflicting stories about whether these are “market-rate” or “subsidized.” I suppose I can just go there myself, inquire, and find out, but any and all information about Westover and/or Westover Apartments would be greatly appreciated! Are the 2-BR units REALLY two stories? That’s awesome! Any idea on pricing for 2-BR units? 1-BR units? Sorry about the questions. It just seems like there aren’t many rental opportunities in/near Westover, and most places nearer to East Falls Church seem to be very expensive.

    • Thank you!

      I don’t know anything about apartments in Westover. Anybody else?

    • charlie

      there is a wide range of apartments in Westover. There are several projects that are subsidized (this is not a bad thing in Arlington, as our affordable housing folks run great operations) and some that are market-rate subsidized in that they just aren’t luxury properties.
      Each project varies greatly and you really would benefit from walking around and checking them out.
      plus the running paths around there are awesome.

      • RestonRunner86

        Thank you very much for the insight, Charlie! I’m not at all opposed to subsidized housing. I currently live next-door to subsidized housing out here in Reston, and we all co-exist peacefully. However, my income is too high for me to qualify for such housing, which is why I was curious about the status of the apartments there, yet I can’t afford much of the newer and/or newly-renovated housing in Arlington. I’m not moving until early-2011, so I might wait a little while longer before going around looking for “FOR RENT” signs and taking down phone numbers and addresses since most places I’d like would probably be gone by then. I also like the Columbia Pike Corridor of South Arlington, but not only is it less convenient to my office, favorite haunts, and friends, but I also foresee rents here rising considerably in the coming years with the arrival of the streetcar and more mixed-use developments “yuppifying” the place. Westover seems much more established and stable; rents shouldn’t be in danger of spiking.

        • GMo

          I’ve lived in the Apartments directly across from the 7-11 for nearly 3 years now. Three of these buildings are managed by S&S Properties 703-560-8164 and are market rate. The other two in the cul-de-sac are managed by their owner (whom I have no idea).

          Further down down Washington blvd. are the Fisher House Apts. which are primarily subsidized but do have a few market rate units mixed in, however none are currently available and the wait list is rather long. They are managed by Paradigm Management Co.

          AHC (Affordable Housing Corporation) manages the Westover Hills apts which have just completed a major renovation as described above by Tracy.

          • Lou

            I’m a few buildings away from the Fisher Houses, and they did a very extensive renovation when they first organized them. Added structure in the rear, completely redid the interior and fixtures. Not surprised there is a long list.

            BTW, not to be confused with the Fisher Houses run for military families. Different group.

  • LP

    Congrats on all the success – keep up the good work!

  • charlie

    congrats on the move over and the increased advertising. Sign of success!!
    and i promise to not blame the technical problems on our favorite board members whose last name begins with ZZZZZ… :0

  • Pedro

    The Westover Apartments are subject to affordable housing restrictions, i.e. there’s a cap on how much tenants can make. They are two story, one-bedrooms–or at least most of them are.

    • el fat kid

      In Arlington, the income caps are somewhat ridiculous and appear to be tailored towards people with unreported/cash income or rich parents on Long Island that want to see their kid succeed in Washington.

      You can’t make more than $30,000 something per year but you need to somehow come up with $1,000/mo in rent? you either need to be cheating on your taxes or have a generous family to spend upwards of 40% of your income of rent.

    • RestonRunner86

      Grrrr. I was afraid of this, but thanks for the heads-up. It was so unique, too, to find a two-story unit at a reasonable price point in a neighborhood as nice as Westover. I saw a basement 1-BR unit of a SFH on CraigsList that seemed perfect for me at only $1,195/month, including utilities, which was right within my $1,300/max. budget. The person who posted it really seemed to be a “booster” of the neighborhood’s local businesses, too, so I know we’d jive very well. Sadly I’m not looking to move ASAP, so that will go to someone else. I was stunned to see how expensive the newer Cresent Apartments in East Falls Church are. 2-BR units range, generally, from $3,000/month – $4,200/month. This is more evidence on how too much emphasis is being placed on Arlington’s new construction as either income-restricted or so luxurious that the price point becomes unattainable to the lower-middle-class like me. I don’t need granite countertops or stainless steel appliances, and while I’m as ecologically conscious as the next person I personally can’t afford to pay a premium to live in a “green” building.

      • Tracy Kellum

        I lived in the Westover Apartments for 2+ years, from October 2006 until April 2009. They are all two-story apartments, even the 1BRs. I totally loved it there, but I got engaged and moved to MD. 🙂 GREAT place to live, you cannot beat the location or the townhouse-style setup.

        When I lived there about 70% of the units were market rate, but still limited to residents under a certain income level (I think it was something crazy like $125K). The remaining 30% were “affordable housing” under the qualifications listed above.

        The entire complex has been renovated, all units gutted to the studs and rebuilt. In order to secure funding for the renovations, the balance of market-rate to affordable units has basically flip-flopped, meaning about 75% of the units are now affordable housing and the remaining units are market rate (which include in-unit washers & dryers, or at least they were supposed to at the last meeting I attended back in 09).

        Rents for the 1BRs start at $1040, according to the info at http://www.ahcinc.org/Westover.html.

        But really your best bet is to call (or even better, stop by) the management office and ask. They’ll give you all the info you need.
        1649 N. Longfellow Street
        Arlington, VA 22205

        Good luck! You could also take a look at the County Apartment Guide: http://aptguide.arlingtonva.us/

        (Disclosure: I work for Arlington County but not in any kind of housing-related capacity, and I am solely speaking as a former Westover Apartments resident, not in any official capacity, blah blah blah… 🙂

        • RestonRunner86

          Wow. This was indeed VERY helpful, and I really appreciate you taking the time to respond! This is exactly the sort of insider information I was seeking. I grew up to the age of 9 in an older two-story home, and then my parents moved my sister and I to a one-story home. I’ve always wanted to move back to something with two floors someday, so this sounds like it would really suit me rather well. 🙂

          Actually, going by the link Charlie posted I’m on the upper fringes of qualifying for “affordable housing”, as I earn about $50,000 annually. You’re right, though, in that I should really just stop by myself. $1,040/month is well within my budget for a 1-BR, I love the neighborhood, I haven’t found any other reasonably-priced TWO-STORY apartments, etc. I’m going to check it out. Thanks so much!

  • Mikeyl

    I discovered this site through FB and Twitter a couple months back…great source of info for this Crystal City resident. Keep up the great work!


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