The Long Goodbye for the Defense Intelligence Agency

by ARLnow.com September 20, 2010 at 1:23 pm 7,824 17 Comments

The Defense Intelligence Agency is leaving its Clarendon offices for a leafy, techie office park in Reston.

The Washington Business Journal reports that DIA plans to start moving employees to the new offices in 2012, and plans to complete the move by May 2013. DIA offices at the Pentagon will also be moved to Reston, WBJ reports.

DIA has been looking for a new lease for awhile now, but Arlington properties were reportedly not in the running.

The agency’s current offices are located at 3100 Clarendon Boulevard, above several Clarendon nightspots including SoBe Bar & Bistro, Mister Days Sports Rock Cafe and the future Mad Rose Tavern.

The squad of private security guards who keep a close watch on the building’s entrances will likely move with the DIA offices, which should make the area a bit more hospitable.

Flickr photo by wfyurasko

  • el fat kid

    are they going to take that ugly-ass building with them?

    • Lou

      That’s the great Postmodern icon of the Clarendon skyline! Poking up like a sore thumb for the last 20+ years.

  • RestonRunner86

    Why on Earth do they want to come way out here to Reston? BOO! Arlington > Reston. 😛

    • el fat kid

      they do have their own strain of the Ebola virus out there…

    • TGEoA

      I agree Arlington > Reston. That’s why you don’t live here.

      • RestonRunner86

        Was that to imply Arlington is better because annoying people like me live in Reston and not there where I’d be irking people like you or that it’s illogical for me to admire Arlington from afar while still living in Reston? My lease isn’t up until Spring 2011. For better or worse I’m “trapped” here until that time and will continue to reference this site as often as possible to learn all about the community in advance of moving there. Be proud that your community projects such a good image of itself. I don’t know anyone who is envious of the cul-de-sacs or parking lots of Fairfax County.

  • charlie

    no great loss. other than complicate retail tenants need and parking regulations the building and the tenants have done nothing.
    remember when the top burnt off that building???

    • el fat kid

      didn’t it catch fire twice during construction?

      I do remember seeing it on fire once, pretty amazing sight. God was trying to communicate the hideousness of the design to the architect but apparently no one listened.

  • Sunny617

    I sure will miss seeing machine guns on my walk to Metro in the morning.

  • Mikeyl

    Though I’m sure the local eateries will miss all that lunchtime patronage

    • Clarendude

      Well, they will be filling it back up with new office tenants… I’m not sure how full that building is currently anyway. It doesn’t seem to generate the level of activity you would expect from such a big building.

      • TGEoA

        That will be a sweet office spot. A metro stop that doesn’t require you to go outside

  • Let’s Be Free

    The assessed value of 3100 Clarendon Blvd dropped from $91 million to $72 million between 2009 and 2010, implying that a big chunk of the leased spaced has already been vacated. If totally vacated the building’s value could be reduced to something near the land value, or about $12 million.

    There is about $7 million in real estate tax revenue at risk from this building alone. While there is much happy talk about filling 3100 Clarendon and soon to be vacated DOD occupied offices throughout Crystal City, demand for office space in the Metro area is stagnant to declining and Arlington has a well-deserved anti-business reputation. So look for Arlington’s property tax base to take a big hit the next several years as the bobble-headed board led by Jay Fisette and Chris Zimmerman seek massive tax infusions from homeowners to fuel their spendthrift agenda.

    • Let’s Be Stupid

      The “businesses” that are leaving are contractors sucking on the government teat.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Ooops, not $7 million, more like $700,000. Still big bucks when multiplied by what is going on down in Crystal City.

  • MC

    Agreed, this building is no beauty, but it sticks out less now that there is a large-scale building across the street. Context is everything.

    Don’t worry about the building being vacate. The R-B corridor office market is the tightest just about anywhere in the country. I’m sure this will be renovated inside and leased rather quickly for more money than the current tenant is paying now or in Reston.

    • chuckie

      that building might be a challenge to lease given the lack of access to 66 and 395 which is more important than an over crowded subway. with DHS this is a ton of space to lease. i smell another government tenant.


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