Hateful Group Coming Back to Arlington

by ARLnow.com September 27, 2010 at 9:19 am 1,453 14 Comments

Those lovable optimists from the Westboro Baptist Church are coming back to Arlington next week to protest military funerals outside Arlington National Cemetery.

The Kansas-based church members, who also protest baseball games, breast cancer awareness motorcycle rides and high schools, will hold signs and yell hateful stuff outside the cemetery on the afternoon of Monday, Oct. 4 and Tuesday, Oct. 5.

They’ll also be coming to Arlington for Veterans Day (Nov. 11).

  • Eponymous Coward

    They protest baseball games? So God is punishing the Nationals too? That would explain a lot.


    We really need to find an effective way to counter thier hate to the point that it drowns them out and forces them back to Kansas where they belong.

  • John

    More disgusting is that our Attorney General Apparently can’t be bothered to support the lawsuit against these clowns.


    A service for a fallen soldier wass disrupted by these hateful people and while AG’s from 48 states have joined the lawsuit, our AG can’t be bothered. Apparently he’s too busy investigating scientists, suing the Feds over health care and issuing opinions to intimidate women’s health clinics. Frankly as an American patriot I’m disgusted that our AG isn’t paying more attention to right of grieving father, mother and widow to see our fallen heroes off to a peaceful end.

    • Katie

      Did you vote in that election? Show of hands, how many voted in the Va. governor’s/AG race?

      I went door to door for the Dems, and met loads of people who said “what election?”

      • RestonRunner86

        The problem, my Dear Katie, is that a lot of Virginians voted for the straight Republican ticket to send a misguided “message” to President Obama, not realizing what they were getting themselves into with Cuccinelli. I voted for Bob McDonnell for governor myself because I thought his ideas were more plausible and progressive than his opponent’s, but I did NOT vote for Cuccinelli because I did not like his platform or his stance on various issues important to me. How many morons in this state voted for ALL Republicans just for the hell of it and are now regretting having voted for Cuccinelli, who is threatening to take Virginia back to the Dark Ages?

        Ye reap what ye sow. Y’all are stuck with “Cooch” now.

    • Roadkingcrasher

      John, waiting for the gov. to do anything is a waste of time. Ignoring these people is the best thing. The more air time they get the more they will continue. The best thing is to rally your own group and support the veterans and turn your back to the trouble makers. I belong to a pro-vet group and we do this all the time. It drives them crazy to ignore them.

  • stevis

    Just ignore them. The attention is what they want. Don’t yell at them, don’t counter-protest them, don’t cover them. (This sort of “hey, by the way, watch out for the jerks” post is ok.)


    wbc is the best protesting church in the country. let the dead bury the dead. you gotta turn on your race the sub human race. the real human race is up in heaven with jesus. selah wbc.

  • Jason

    People should show up and protest against them side by side. If enough people cancel them out they might not feel so welcome.

    • Burt

      jason that is what they want…. I agree with Stevis…they do this sort of nonsense just for the attention……the media needs to stop covering them!!!!! Ignore them counter protest only give them what they want…..

  • Erin

    These people protested at my college graduation…I thought once I moved here I would never hear about Fred Phelps and his grandchildren who yell about things they really don’t understand. Its kind of sad to see a five year old holding some of the signs that they do.

  • Skeptical

    Dialogue heard several years ago:

    First person (reading from an open letter to Fred Phelps): “The God that I know doesn’t hate anyone…”

    Second person (Interrupting): “The God that I know really hates Fred Phelps.”

    Maybe you had to be there, but I laughed until I had to sit down.


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