Man Hurt on Cliff Near Chain Bridge

by ARLnow.com September 28, 2010 at 1:37 pm 1,426 4 Comments

A man reportedly fell and injured himself on one of the rocky cliffs overlooking the Potomac near Chain Bridge this afternoon. The Park Police Eagle 1 helicopter and an Arlington County technical rescue squad were dispatched to the scene to help rescue the man after it was reported that he was trapped.

Paramedics are now walking the man to safety.

Due to the emergency response, police are directing traffic on Glebe Road just before Chain Bridge. Expect delays in the area for the next few minutes.

A belated hat tip to J.A.

  • MB

    Probably a bad place to promote this, but I’d quite recommend taking the trail this man had probably been walking (I suspect he went up to explore the old rickety bridges which are quite clearly marked as off-limits). You can access the trail most easily from the TR Island parking lot. I’d passed the entrance on a regular basis for 10+ years, before I finally checked it out last year. A really nice bit of nature escapism, I’d say (well, once you get past the part where you’re walking along the GW Parkway).

  • GK

    Not only is it a pretty hike, its also go Arlington history too. The area along the shore is where a lot of the granite used in DC was quarried from. Up near Fletchers Cove you can see see and inspect some of the steam boilers used for the drilling and such. There are other permanent artifacts you can find if you poke off trail. Somewhere along this route there was once a small town unto itself that was home to many Italian quarrymen and stone carvers who came over to work. I believe the little “town” was destroyed in the process of building the parkway. The trail can also be accessed from Windy Run and Donaldson Run parks.

  • bob

    please don’t encourage people to go on my running trail.

  • Lou

    If it’s near Chain Bridge it could be the Gulf Branch trail. An easy trail right up until you get to the cliffs that lead down to the little beach. We used to drink down there in high school.

    Does anybody know what was going on in the Potomac yesterday around 6:30 pm? I saw a DC Police boat, two or three rescue boats and the Park Police helicopter zooming up the river above Key Bridge. They went up past Three Sisters and then I lost sight of them.


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