Saying ‘Thank You’ for Being a Bike Commuter

by ARLnow.com October 6, 2010 at 9:32 am 2,260 14 Comments

A mother and daughter are planning to wake up early tomorrow morning to prepare a special treat for local bike commuters. They’re calling it “Yay for Bike Riders Day.”

The plan was hatched by a second grader who told her mom that she wanted to “say thank you to all the nice bike riders she sees every morning on her walk to school.”

From the BikeArlington forums:

We’ll be at the little covered picnic table at the intersection of the Custis and W&OD trails serving juice, muffins, breakfast bars and coffee if I can figure out a place to borrow a presspot from. The purpose is to simply thank all the cyclists who ride the trails each day that we pass on our way to school. If you have a free moment please stop and have some refreshments, or at least say hello – it will make my daughter’s day.

The pair plans to be out on the trail from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

  • SoloDriver

    Where’s my solo driver thank you? 🙁

    • SoloDriver

      Solo driver who would bike commute if my building had showers.

    • Rover

      You get it from the girl putting on make-up behind you who almost rearends you, from the guy who runs the stop sign and almost side swipes you, and from the man in a hurry riding the shoulder to bypass a backup. All of them offer you a very dangerous thank you! LOL

  • KateKirk

    Nice pay it forward…maybe I should try this to get cyclists to signal before they nearly clip me passing from behind at 30mph while I’m running on the trail.

    • Stick

      Stick in the spoke always works.

    • Rover

      Indeed. A small bell on the bike works wonders for pedestrian safety. Of course, if you are running with headphones jamming on a trail you know has bikes, then you are partly to blame for not being able to hear….

  • AllenB

    Great idea. Mother and daughter should both be commended. 😉

  • SoArlRes

    Thank you for being a bicycle-commuter supporter!

  • Rover

    A very well deserved and kind show of support.

  • Most cool!!!

    PS Signaling – at least on the Custis, I find the problem to be the recreational (novice) bikers. The daily commuters are big signalers. I know in bike forums and WABA and stuff, there is a repeated message: “Signal. Signal. Signal.” I always signal, and in part I am try to train those bikers around me to signal. Bells work best.

  • Rob

    FYI – the link says: “we’ve scheduled it for Friday, October 8 (no school that day) from 7am – 9am.”

    • Scroll down the page. It was rescheduled.

      • Rob

        Ah – I see it now. Thanks.

  • Nate

    this actually happened, and it was really great. smiles all around. big thanks to libby and her mom who put it on!


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