Motorcyclist Wipes Out On I-395

by ARLnow.com October 8, 2010 at 8:46 am 2,319 11 Comments

A motorcyclist was injured after wiping out on I-395 around 8:00 this morning.

The accident happened in the southbound HOV lanes of I-395. Police on the scene reported that the man had taken out at least one of the gates used to prevent traffic from going the wrong way on the combined HOV lanes.

The extent of the man’s injuries are unknown. A repair crew from VDOT has been dispatched to repair the gate.

The motorcycle was described as a black Harley-Davidson with a West Virginia license plate.

  • G

    So he just drove into the gate?

  • BFP

    Wait … I’m confused. The HOV lanes on I-395 would be going NORTH at 8:00 AM, no? Did he wipe out trying to get on the highway in the wrong direction?

    • Arlington

      Looks/sounds like he wiped out (or whatever) while trying to exit the HOV lane onto the mainline. The Case? Bridge carries two lanes each direction for HOV 24/7 (though only enforced during HOV hours).

    • Mike

      I saw it happen…sort of…He was going north bound and ended up in the southbound lanes…I was going southbound on the HOV exiting to the mainline. All of a sudden I see the barriers explode and a motorcyle tumble by in my mirror. Did not see the driver, but I called 911.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Let me help get this all straightened out.

    The Case Bridge crosses Washington Channel (which links the tidal basin to the north with the confluence of the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers to the south) several hundred yards into the District. The center span of the 14th Street Bridge (crossing the main channel of the Potomac), which the motorcyclist apparently had travelling on, is known as the Rochambeau Bridge (the northern span is designated the George Mason Memorial Bridge, the southern span was originally named after Rochambeau but was renamed the Arland D. Williams Memorial Bridge to honor the victim of the Air Florida crash who disappeared beneath the river’s surface after heroically passing along the life preserver dangling from the hovering Park Police helicopter to other passengers clinging to the plane’s wreckage).

    The southbound HOV lanes on the center or Rochambeau span are actually open continuously too all traffic, HOV or non-HOV. However, non-HOV traffic must take the first exit on the Virginia side (a few hundred yards after crossing) when HOV restrictions are in effect. Similarly, if the HOV lanes south of Washington Boulevard are set up for northbound traffic or are closed, then southbound traffic in the HOV lanes must use the first or second exit on the Virginia side.

  • el fat kid

    sounds like somebody got rochambeau’d…

    • Matt

      Its really amazing how much time you all have to debate a motorcycle accident. No wonder our economy is in the crapper!

  • motorcyclist

    Thanks for the derogatory comment about motorcyclists, i.e. “wipeout”. I guess you think anyone getting hurt is funny. Would you write that about a car driver? No, you would have used “crash” or “accident”. But with a motorcyclist, oh let’s laugh and mock them for “wiping out” on the freeway.

    • el fat kid

      do you need to talk? i’ll make some hot chocolate with little marshmellows. or perhaps you’re a tea person…

      either way, half the motorcyclist i see in the DC area either put themselves at an increased risk by driving way too fast or weaving like they’re a skiing a slalom course. That, or they think cutting the muffler off makes their d*** bigger. Apologies to the minority of motorcyclists who aren’t d***heads.

      • TD

        okay el fat kid, and all cars drive 55, never drive aggressively, and are never in dumb accidents…I agree with the poster who said “wipeout” is a bit of a stab at the cyclist…it assumes he was showboating


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