Another Accident in Front of Rhodeside Grill

by ARLnow.com October 15, 2010 at 9:12 am 2,195 4 Comments

Remember back in May when a car came crashing into the front window of Rhodeside Grill? Well, it almost happened again.

A tipster sent us this photo of a two-car accident in front of the popular Wilson Boulevard hangout this morning.

“Glad the vehicle didn’t go through the window again, since the building’s exterior has recently gotten a facefilt (new paint, awnings),” our tipster writes. “But I’ll think twice about eating on the patio so close to this intersection!”

  • suzy

    Let’s not forget about the drunk guy who left Rhodeside Grill one morning at 2 am and tore down Rhodes St in his brand new sports car. He was so drink that he totaled NINE cars on my street that night. He left the scene but was so drunk he could not walk home and the police found him. Let’s everybody try to be more careful while driving through Arlington. Slow down and look around you, please.

  • bob

    The curse of Rosslyn Heights continues. Everything within a 2 block radius of that hellhole is going down. Next thing is they are going to beat the driver to death.

  • Superstar

    The amount of drunk driving that goes on in the general vicinity of the Wendy’s up the hill from the Rhodeside Grill between 11pm to 2am (any given night but particularly weekends) is pretty appalling. I don’t know why the police don’t do anything about it since it’s blatantly obvious and they’re right there.

    • cj

      It’s all the fault of those potent drinks at Wendy’s!


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