Red Top Cab Installing Self-Pay Credit Card Machines

by ARLnow.com October 22, 2010 at 8:42 am 5,240 30 Comments

Soon, playing for a cab ride in Arlington will be as simple as swiping your credit card. Red Top Cab has started the process of installing self-pay machines in the back of each of its 350 taxis in Arlington.

In a press release, Red Top says it’s the first local cab company to fully implement the technology — which is widely used in cities like New York City, Boston and Chicago.

“Customers are very enthusiastic,” about the self-pay machines, according to driver John Svay. “Customers see their fare charges right in front of them, and can swipe the card before arriving at their destination… itʼs quicker and easier than the old way.”

Red Top expects the machines to be installed in all of its vehicles by the end of November.

Photo courtesy Red Top Cab

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Love this and it’s much safer for the cab drivers as well (not carrying around as much cash).

  • BallstonNOTBoston

    Installed on a Monday, “not working” by Tuesday. Cabbies hate these things – they’ll mysteriously fail to function properly EVER.

    • Thirsty
    • hooooos

      I spoke with the Red Top dispatcher on this very issue–he told me that Red Top cabs are not allowed to be on the road if the credit card machine isn’t working. He told me that if I ever have a driver pull that stunt on me, to call the dispatch with the cab number and the guy will be disciplined. Pretty awesome.

    • rob42

      Why do cabbies hate them? Makes it harder to cheat on their taxes?

  • Pete

    Sounds good but keep the Crown Vics! They’re large and comfortable. If I’m paying for a cab I want a lot of space. I don’t want to be squeezed into some tiny hybrid.

    • Pete’s Predecessors

      This is Pete’s children and grandchildren speaking. Scratch what he said above. He wants the hybrid. Trust us.

      • Texas Wahoo

        “Pete’s Predecessors”

        I’m not sure you know what “predecessors” means…

        • Pete’s Predecessors

          Decedents of Pete (us) apologize for the error. Time travel is confusing sometimes.

          • Illiteracy

            You failed on that one too. Descendants not Decedents. Decedent means dead.

          • Pair-o-ducks

            If they are speaking to us from the future then in present time, they are not alive.


    Great, Red Top continues to outpace all the other taxi services in the area (well at least those in DC). Don’t take taxis much these days but if I ever do I call Red Top. Red Top arrives when they say they are and if they don’t the dispatcher notifies the customer and sends another vehicle. The vehicles are clean appear to be no older than six years and are just an all around better experience than those freakin DC taxi cabs.

    Ok rant against DC taxi cabs and Praise for Red Top over.

    • Christine

      Completely agree. They’ve also never complained when all I’ve had is a credit card. I hope they still keep the only manual way for backup though. When in Philly the drivers are always like “sorry, cash only, the machine isn’t working”. Jackasses.

    • Sunny617

      Agreed! I love Red Top! Nicer than DC cabs by a long shot, always show up as scheduled, etc. I’m glad about the CC machines…I always feel bad how long it takes to do CC the current way.

  • MM

    Awesome! Now my boyfriend won’t have an excuse for not paying for cab rides. =)

    • Anton Noosbusch

      You sound like a real keeper.

      • RestonRunner86

        Hey, I’ll take her (or him, since this is Arlington after all!) 😀

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  • TGEoA

    Did you know that you can call a taxi to pick you up FROM the airport and avoid the long taxi lines? A Red Top driver told me several months ago they can pick up at the local airports and will call/text you when they arrive and they will confirm the passenger’s name so no one else can snag your cab.

    When my plane touch’s down at DCA I order a cab while we are going to the gate and come out and one is waiting for me. No more walking up and down that god damned metal barrier at the taxi line or waiting 20 mins to get a cab that doesn’t smell like a dirty hippie.

    Go Red Top!

    • charlie

      make sure you do the name part. i’ve had several stolen from me at DCA. But it is an excellent trick!!

    • CJR

      Don’t do as they recommend and call when you get your bags, I’ve waited twice for over 20 minutes after I got my bag, once for 30 minutes. Would have been just as easy to wait in that taxi line for those non-standardized taxis. Make them wait for you, not the other way around – just say YES, I have my bags.

  • Valerie


  • tuesdayschild

    Love Red Top. Great customer service. Good drivers. But, I do not like the hybrid taxis; I get car sick in them. cannot explain it. Yes, I know. Crazy.

  • TAllen

    From talking with a Red Top driver, I have learned that Red Top currently runs the Washington Flyer service.

  • That’s great news about the credit card machines in Red Top cabs. I also love the pickup from DCA. When I get the confirmation text message, I pay attention to the cab number. That avoilds a lot of confusion. I wouldn’t steal somebody’s cab unless it was a life of death situation. (That’s not how I roll, as they say in the States.) If you travel on business, ask your employer to get a corporate account. There are some rules to that such as you have to give the dispather your account number. Other than that, it’s even less trouble than using a credit card.

  • Arlingtonian

    the only cab company that has never given me major attitude for using a credit card is washington flyer.

  • DT

    The drivers have to pay for the services we use. That’s why they prefer cash. They get charged for all the extra ways we can pay such as this or taxi magic on your phone.

  • gamal

    I would like to add a credit card machine in my taxi cabs i have 40 cabs please call me 952 688- 6006

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  • fred tempesta

    i like to know the price for 35 machines mounted in taxicabs


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