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by ARLnow.com October 27, 2010 at 6:54 am 2,433 18 Comments

Sushi Rock Decision Deferred — The county board deferred its decision on whether to grant Sushi Rock (1900 Clarendon Blvd) a live entertainment permit until November, to allow more time for community input. At yesterday’s board meeting, neighbors complained that the restaurant is already so loud that it keeps them up at night. Sushi Rock management told the board that they’re losing money while waiting for the permit, which would help develop more late night bar business. More from TBD.

ACE Holds “Hallowgreen” Gala Tonight — Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment is holding its cleverly-named Halloween gala tonight on the Pike. There will be a costume contest, a silent auction and a concert by the band Trees on Fire. Tickets are $50. The event is being held from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at The Salsa Room (2619 Columbia Pike).

Virginia GOP Hammers Moran on Comments — Rep. Jim Moran’s ill-advised critique of his GOP challenger, Patrick Murray, continues to haunt Moran and embolden Republicans. Now the state Republican party has released a web ad entitled “Just a Government Check?” which pairs Moran’s remark regarding Murray’s limited government stance and his military service to photos of Arlington National Cemetery.

New Mobile Visitors Center to Debut at Marathon — Arlington’s new electric-powered Mobile Visitor Center will be making its debut at the Marine Corps Marathon Health and Fitness Expo in the District on Friday. The county says the visitor center is “a fully customized ‘green’ vehicle that will serve visitors in the County’s urban villages and at major tourism events. ” More from Arlington County.

  • NorthAdams

    if you watch Sushi Rock at the board, it is painful. clearly a poor business model that they want to force down the throat of the community. why is it that people have “great” business ideas but don’t realize that there is government and community issues to resolve?? how “great” is an idea really??
    I wish the county board would quit dancing around and just deny this request. It isn’t anti-business to do so. this business is irrelvant and someone will take the space and make it work as a restaurant. not an asian-themed disco.

    • LP

      Agreed, Sushi Rock seems like a horrible idea and I’d be livid if I lived in the Odyssey and had to deal with live music on a nightly or weekly basis.

      • dgiambarresi

        I live in the Odyssey, right above them in fact, and I will not let this happen. Sushi Rock sucks – we can’t open our windows due to noise and the continual second hand smoke wafting into the condo, taking precious years from my life. Not to mention their food is overpriced and I’m sick of the same daily soundtrack.

        I welcome a respectful resolution, but NorthAdams hit the nail on the head…

    • MC

      I miss Yaku — it had tasty nice small plates, pity it didn’t make it. It’s a challenging space until other buildings are erected across the street that will drive more street traffic. Eventually people will walk down Clarendon Blvd and visit storefronts, but for now it seems the proprietors are trying to replace the Dr. Whatever dive bar that had been across the street.

  • SoArlRes

    We have a mobile visitors center?

    • Let’s Be Free

      Yep, it is a full-time staffed video screen on back of a truck chassis. This is what our precious tax dollars pay for, ideas that went out the window along with the Oscar Mayer Weiner whistle and mobile.

      • Dan

        The Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile was at least funny and best of all, didn’t cost taxpayers a dime !!

    • TGEoA

      The county will waste money on anything if it has the word “green” in its name.

    • NorthAdams

      so we don’t want CITIZENS to drive wasteful cars, but it is okay for the County to have a mobile visitor center that runs on gas, one assumes. Seriously, if they are already here in Arlington why do they need a visitor center?
      what a waste.
      I hope this thing crashes into the mobile commuter farecard store monster machine. and they both get totaled (no injuries, of course).

  • Katie

    Hallowgreen is $50 for a two-hour party at the Salsa Room, or $150 with a wine tasting at Twisted Vines?


  • Margo

    I also live right above Sushi Rock in the Odyssey. I can deal with the background low conversations. I can live with a little bit of lowly played music. But to be honest, they are constantly slamming a loud door and smoking outside on the patio, which is terrible and we can’t keep the windows open at all. The thought of live music makes me want to move out. I’m just going to start yelling out my window as I did the other night- “stop smoking, it’s terrible for you.” I think they need to close and someone should open a convenience store in there. It would be great for the neighborhood and quiet.

    • rob42

      try buckets of ice water out the window

  • In Defense of Mobile Visitors Center

    re: Mobile Visitors Center

    First of all, you are all sadly misinformed about the Mobile Visitors Center. The vehicle does NOT run on gas, it’s 100% electric powered and while you may think it’s a waste of money, remember the purpose it serves. Arlington County is a large place and not every inch is known to its visitors but, more to the point, Arlington has a large amount of “hidden gems”, whether they are retail or otherwise that could use a boost in revenue, which I imagine, is clearly what the Mobile Visitors Center is meant to do. On that note, you all are clearly not small business owners like I am, you are clearly not somebody whose very livelihood depends on the effort of Arlington County to help draw business to me and my fellow small business owners. To take it a step further, while you think this is a waste of tax dollars; because it draws business to my establishment and others, we are all able to stay in business during this dreadfully scary time. It’s because of projects like this that you even have a place to get your morning latte, a place to run, dance, sing, drink, find solitude or get into trouble on a Friday or Saturday night. Why am I so defensive, because the few of you are making blanket statements about something you really haven’t thought about too much? Remember, total community involvement; whether through taxes or the demonstration of your voting rights, makes the world (or more specifically Arlington County) ‘go round. I say a huge KUDOS to whoever managed this project and to all at the county who have our best interests in mind.

    • rob42

      runs on electric that is generated by coal? Oh, that’s better.

    • NorthAdams

      i believe my caveat was fair, “runs on gas, one assumes.” So it doesn’t. but it still a vehicle on the road. and it is powered by coal. and the county energy plan that is proposed talks about how electric power looses 50% of its power thru transmission. 50% is not a good standard.
      I do think you got a little defensive. i hope you treat your customers better. it is just a blog here were people pronounce stuff endlessly.

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Re: Mobile Visitors Center

        This is just another example of the nanny state – where we can’t trust folks to look up where the visitors center is and go to it. Plus, how does this drive customers into multiple locations around the county if you park it next to the event so visitors only need to go back and forth to there hotel.

        Re: Sushi Rock
        Yea thats why we want this kind of stuff up against and in the quite neighborhoods in EFC. Yeah mixed development.

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