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New Food Truck Launches In Virginia Square Today

by ARLnow.com October 28, 2010 at 3:51 pm 6,222 24 Comments

Today is the first day in business for Bada Bing Cheesesteaks and Spiedies, a new Arlington-based food truck.

What is a Spiedie, you ask? It’s an upstate New York delicacy — a sandwich made with marinated meats cooked over an open flame.

While the truck’s name doesn’t exactly convey an aura of culinary sophistication, the man behind Bada Bing is Nicholas Terzella, a trained chef whose resume includes fine dining restaurants in Napa Valley and Palm Beach.

Terzella, who has also worked as a private chef for an actress in Manhattan (he won’t name names), says he will be serving gourmet seasonal side dishes in addition to sandwiches. Needless to say, it’s not often that you hear the words “truffle oil” uttered by a tough-looking guy selling cheesesteaks out of the side of a truck.

Terzella, a Centreville resident, says he’ll be operating the truck as a full-time business in Arlington, though he’s hoping to eventually start selling in the District once the DC government starts issuing vendor licenses again.

Bada Bing will be stationed outside the Virginia Square Metro station tonight and tomorrow. Next week the truck will start on a regular rotation around Ballston, Clarendon, Rosslyn and Crystal City.

More photos after the jump.

  • Greg Phelps

    I grew up in upstate NY. Speidies are awesome.

    I need to get me to that truck!

  • Greg Phelps

    Spiedies that is.. (you’d think I would have spelled it correctly!)

  • Michael

    Wooh, looks he’s got a real Philly style steak on the menu. I gotta try that when rolls up in Rosslyn.

    • Sam

      Finally, I can say “wiz wit out” again!

  • Nathan Constable

    I guess the spiedie will soon go the way of the buffalo wing. It was a good run, Southern-Tier. We kept it close to the vest for a long time.

    I guess I can open my Spiedie and Rib pit now too.

    • Deb

      AH….southern tier…so that is why this upstate, northern tier escapee (from St. Lawrence County) never heard of them. Are we talking Rochester or Buffalo?

      • Dan

        Small world….I went to high school in Massena in the late 60’s.

        I keep telling people, “You think that this is cold…let me tell you about cold……”

      • PY in MA

        binghamton area … an italian summertime favorite … I remember old men grilliing them on small charcoal grills outside neighborhood bars on summer nights

  • Frank

    Food was pretty darn tasty. Looking forward to them in Ballston again tomorrow.

  • Bender

    When is Nom Nom coming? They looked really tasty on the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race.” Their food looked good too.

  • Andrew

    Three cheers for the lunch truck trend in Arlington and D.C.! Nice to have some real CHOICES at lunchtime instead of 1) fast food 2) dirty water hot dogs 3) Tablecloth restaurants that are too slow and/or expensive. Can’t wait to try out the fare here.

  • rob42

    I want me some cheesesteaks, but I hear the crips run virginia square now

  • Waitforit…

    oh, I’m sure the County will find SOME way to shut this down…the tacos were ok, but now that it’s ‘regular’ food, out comes the Zimmie Enforcers.

  • LuposChick

    I’ve been converting Arlington friends to speidie lovers one cookout at a time for years…great to see that this Southern Tier fave finally make it here officially!

    • PY in MA

      all hail to Lupo’s! I get a kick out of “making converts” too, but only lamb will do for this Endicott expat

  • Lou

    Are they on the Twitter?

  • Clarendude

    I may donate my almost full bottle of Truffle Oil to them. I bought it for a Risotto recipe and haven’t found much use for it. It was pretty expensive too. Alternatively, what do they use the truffle oil for ?

    • Didn’t write down the dish, just the ingredient. Sorry!

      • It would be for the sweet potato puree! Thanks!

  • Jill

    Good food! If the Patrick Murray campaigners weren’t hovering it would have been better!

  • Greg Phelps

    Made it in time before they closed down for the night. They got the taste right. AMAZING!

    Come out to Reston!!!

  • Set the controls

    I’ve never cooked them. Is it sacrilege to add greens, tomatoes, avocado or salsa, to balance things out a little?

  • Thank you everyone for the nice comments! We are very glad you liked it! Greg, thank you for coming out last night. ARL Now, glad you drove by and caught us during our soft opening. We really appreciate it. As for the truffle oil, it will be going into the sweet potato puree (gourmet side). If you’d like anything to balance it out, come get a Gourmet Spiedie! Thanks again for all your support!

  • cw

    Mmmmmmmmm….I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor of the meat!!! Come back this way again to Va Square! Need more!!!


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