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Two Pedestrian Accidents Reported Along Wilson Boulevard

by ARLnow.com November 1, 2010 at 3:36 pm 1,850 5 Comments

Police and paramedics are out at two separate pedestrian accidents along Wilson Boulevard, both near accident-prone intersections.

One accident is on North Rhodes Street at Wilson Boulevard, where we’ve taken note of two separate crashes in the past few months.

The other accident is on North Randolph Street between Wilson Boulevard and 9th Street. In a discussion of another potentially dangerous intersection in Ballston, one ARLnow.com commenter cited that specific block as particularly dangerous for pedestrians.

“OddNumber” said:

I would argue that one block away at the intersections of N Randolph and Wilson, and N Randolph and 9th St are much more dangerous even though they have traffic signals. Drivers constantly mis-use lanes going northbound because Arlington has deficient lane markings and creates an unsafe environment for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. The bus stop at Wilson is constantly used as an extra turn lane and both the turn and through lanes are used for through traffic at 9th.

Neither pedestrian’s injuries are reported to be life-threatening.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Let’s drop the vanity projects and get some safety engineering studies and developer funded improvements to these interesections.

  • shirley

    i was on the scene on Randolph Street walking to catch the bus.
    the accident occurred mid-block and is not a pedestrian crosswalk.
    the traffic coming out of that security building is always terrible.
    the street is very very poorly marked — because they county couldn’t get $$ from the developer. goodness knows they’ll never pay for it themselves.

    • OddNumber

      Good point about the garage. One block away Arlington police have recently been ticketing cars pulling out of 801 N Quincy St (on Quincy between 9th and Wilson) for blocking the median. However, completely ignored the cars not yielding to pedestrians fifty feet away at 9th and Quincy, the cars illegally parked garage while shopping at the ABC store, and were themselves blocking the median and bicycle lanes (for part of the time anyway). Why is the median more important than those other issues?

      On side note, why doesn’t Arlington periodically send notices to the office buildings asking them to remind tenants of safety issues? I know my office hasn’t gotten anything about traffic coming out of the garage or yielding to pedestrians.

      • David

        Why does ACPD have to send these notices? Talk to each other people!

  • Josh

    9th and Quincy is a deadly disaster waiting to happen. I live at Randolph Towers and cringe any time I get near it. A traffic signal would be best, but AT LEAST put a 4-way stop. It’s a free for all and pedestrians are the least of their worries for car drivers.


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