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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com November 2, 2010 at 8:46 am 1,939 10 Comments

It’s Election Day — See our election day guide here.

Don’t Give Money To Panhandlers, Say Advocates — What should you give when a panhandler approaches you on the street? Whatever you do, don’t give money, say advocates for the homeless. The Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network recommends giving its new “Arlington County Street Guide,” a pocket-sized information packet for the panhandlers. More from the Sun Gazette.

JetBlue Now Flying Out of DCA — Yesterday marked the first day of JetBlue flights out of Reagan National Airport. The airline is operating seven daily nonstop flights to Boston’s Logan airport, one daily nonstop to Orlando and one daily nonstop to Fort Lauderdale, each out of Terminal A. JetBlue is currently offering a special $49 fare to and from Boston for travel between Dec. 1 and Jan. 31. More from JetBlue.

Arlington Dentist Buys Back Candy — Dr. Michael Rogers of Fairlington Dental has a special offer for trick-or-treaters. He’s offering to pay kids $3 per pound for cavity-causing Halloween candy. He’ll even throw in a free toothbrush. What’s Dr. Rogers going to do with all that candy? He’s going to ship it to our troops in Afghanistan. More from TBD.

Flickr pool photo by Plaszloc.

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Great news about JetBlue @ DCA!

  • RestonRunner86

    Nice to see that Dr. Rogers is doing such a kind deed! Most dentists I know hoard as much money as they can to buy their BMWs and live in their ostentatious exurban McMansions. Dr. Rogers is showing selflessness, altruism, and chivalry here by donating these sweets to our brave men and women serving overseas! Good job, Dr. Rogers! If I weren’t soon moving to Pittsburgh I’d give you my business!

    • Glebe

      I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re moving to Pittsburgh (where all people work in coal mines and talk funny and are obnoxious stealer fans and…)

      • CW


  • Hikin’ the Pike

    My wife is coming back in from Orlando on a JetBlue flight Thursday to DCA; will provide a report if y’all want.

  • rob42

    Giving a panhandler an information packet instead of money sounds like a good way to get stabbed. It just seems a little insulting to the homeless person for someone to be so paternalistic, but on the other hand perhaps it is less insulting than ignoring them completely as you walk by.

    • Lou

      Back before Metro had SmarTrip, I once asked a panhandler to change a five so I could get on the bus. I gave him the five and asked for a dollar back. It was actually this guy Nathan that hangs out at Washington Circle, and has for at least the last 15 years. Cool guy, but I would not recommend trying that with any random homeless person.

    • Bluemont John

      Paternalistic? Are you kidding me?

      We have an obligation to help these people, but we get to decide what kind of help. And giving them this information is a lot more helpful to them long-term than giving them money that at best will get them a quick meal or at worst (and unfortunately much of the time) will get them alcohol or drugs.

      I think this is a great program.

      • rob42

        I’m assuming that the panhandlers would prefer money over a pamphlet. They are asking for money and not advice on how to live their life after all.

        The advocates argue that the pamphlet is better for panhandlers than the money in the long run. The advocates are substituting their own judgment for what is good for the panhandlers over the panhandler’s own judgment; that is the definition of paternalistic.

        The advocates may be right about what is good for the homeless, but it is still paternalistic. And I think someone who is cold, hungry, and just trying to survive would feel a little insulted when you say “no, I can’t help you get a sandwich because I know better for you what you need right now, and eating isn’t it, but here is some light reading.”

        Then again, I did hedge and suggest that maybe it’s even more insulting to essentially say “I won’t acknowledge you as a fellow human being” when you hurriedly walk by ignoring their pleas for help.

  • Lucky

    You can assauge your conscience by giving to one of the many shelters or soup kitchens. I donate to one every month and say that politely when I’m asked for change. I’m certainly not going to give them money–remember, money is a reward–do you want to reward someone for begging? It’s not helping them in the long run–while many organizations you can donate to, do–or at least try.


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