A BRAC Move, One of Many, Moves Forward

by ARLnow.com November 4, 2010 at 1:32 pm 3,669 8 Comments

Earlier this week, the military broke ground on a new building in Fort Belvoir.

The $19.6 million, 88,000 square foot facility will house the Office of the Chief, Army Reserve (OCAR), which is currently housed in leased office space in Crystal City.

Once the new facility is completed, the office and its 400 employees will move out of Crystal City and in to Fort Belvoir.

It’s just one of dozens of such moves that will be taking place over the next 10 months as the result of the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005. A few BRAC moves have already taken place, but most of the 17,000 BRAC-affected workers in Arlington are still here.

“This event marks a significant milestone in the BRAC timeline and journey,” said Joyce Morrow, an assistant to the Secretary of the Army, at the groundbreaking.

By law, the BRAC moves must be complete by Sept. 15, 2011. That will mean a lot of people leaving Arlington — particularly Crystal City — next year.

“There are 317 days left until the BRAC deadline when all of the [OCAR] personnel must be here at Fort Belvoir,” said Col. John Stycula, an official at Fort Belvoir. “With that said, let’s get digging.”

Photo by Marc Barnes/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Bleh…. Lets force the people located on Metro lines to places with already FUBAR’d traffic. Such a smart plan..

    • MikeyinCrystalC

      Just like that new Mark Center off Seminary in Alexandria. Let’s build a whole new building no where near Metro or a place where you can’t even exit to northbound on the HOV. 😛

  • abc

    So what happens if they can’t finish the building in 317 days?

    • The building gets thrown in jail? I don’t know, but that’s a good question.

  • Westover

    The Terrorists have won. 🙁

  • Teyo

    Are there any plans to extend the plans for the Columbia Pike streetcar line to meet this demand? Looking at the map, it might makes sense to extend it down Seminary Road to North Beauregard, have it follow that until it gets to the Landmark Malls, then down route 613 to South Van Dorn, then connect at the Blue Line Van Dorn stop.

    I recognize that this pretty much doubles the length of the line and that it’s a complete flight of fancy but it might prove useful for people who commute to the Mark Center, allow better access to the Landmark Malls area, and provide a second way to get to the Bailey’s Crossroads area from the Metro.

  • banks

    Spoiled military brass =’s Fraud, waste & abuse

  • Not a great plan…


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