Police: Man Arrested for Forcing Women to Perform Sex Act in Crystal City

by ARLnow.com November 5, 2010 at 1:57 pm 5,265 40 Comments

(Updated at 2:35 p.m.) An Arlington man has been arrested and accused of forcing two women to perform sex acts at gunpoint in a Crystal City apartment building.

The man, 33-year-old McKinley C. Joyner, used the web site Backpage.com to hire a prostitute, according to police. After the woman arrived at his apartment on the 2100 block of Jefferson Davis Highway, Joyner pointed a gun at her and forced her to perform a sex act, police said in a statement.

A friend of the victim, who was waiting in the lobby, then went up to check on her. Investigators say Joyner let her in and then forced her to perform a sex act at gunpoint, as well.

Police arrived at the scene around 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning, after being called by the woman’s escort agency. The agency became concerned after not being able to get in touch with their employee, police explained.

Joyner was arrested and charged with two counts of forcible sodomy. Other charges are pending, police say. He’s currently being held without bond at the Arlington County Detention Facility.

Joyner is listed as a co-founder and partner in New York-based firm Blazetrak, LLC, which specializes in allowing fledgling artists to “get directly in touch with established industry experts and celebrity talent.”

The company’s PR agency has not returned a call for comment.

Update at 4:40 p.m. — Joyner’s biography has been removed from the Blazetrak website.

  • PurpleFlipFlops

    Could there be a theft of services charge?

  • SARL

    haha yeah … not to be rude, but the article title is a bit … misleading

  • diane

    Just because they are escorts doesn’t mean they can’t be raped, SARL. Seriously? is that what people think???

    • Westover

      Sure, they are just saying, can’t the Commonwealth’s Attorney add theft of services as well?

    • dougy


  • SARL

    Yes it’s what people think! Without getting overly PC, come on, I was scared/concerned for general community saftey at first glance of the article … not at all after reading it. Technically the title is correct; I’m not trying to be PC, just real.

    • Greg

      Wow. That’s an awfully callous statement. Do you no longer see the two women as human?

      • BoredHouseWife

        I don’t think SARL means it that way. The attacker targeted specific individuals that do specific jobs. Jobs that tend to attract certain types of criminals (rapists/serial killers). It has more to do with the job being illegal morethan anything.

        • Jezebel

          Housewife, you make no sense at all. “jobs that tend to attract certain types of criminals” ? I think you watch too many TV cop shows with their stereotypes and messed up plot lines (and all resolved in 60 minutes!) This is a violent crime, no ifs ands or buts, and there is no reason to blame the victims.

          • Zoning Victim

            While I agree with you, a lot of people are just not going to have the same amount of sympathy (or any at all in some cases) for someone who probably sleeps with hundreds of men a month for money and went to her attacker’s condo to have sex with him (which he probably already paid for) as they would if the story was about someone being snatched off of a bike trail, randomly. Obviously, this guy is a creep and should be put away for life; hopefully even those who have no sympathy for these two girls because they put themselves in a bad situation can at least see that.

            Personally, I’d like to know why the article didn’t mention the two women and the proprietor of the escort service being arrested or cited for prostitution. Whether anyone likes the law or not they are criminals under the current law and should be prosecuted.

          • BoredHouseWife

            I don’t know what world you live in, but in real life, illegal activities will attract shady individuals. I am not saying it is the victim’s fault that they were raped. But, it is their fault for willfully engaging in a risky illegal activity that increases their probability of becoming a victim. I wish the world was PC, but it isn’t.

          • BoredHouseWife

            Just to clarify, I think prostitution should be legal.

      • Glebe Roader

        Drug dealers who get their pot stolen don’t usually report it to the police …

  • jay w

    why it should be legal, I wish arlington could be like a amsterdam/vegas/oakland all the good things none of the bad

  • cj

    I can’t tell for sure, but this guy kind of looks like the guy wanted by ACP for that hotel rape. Pictures are too grainy to be sure…


    • BoredHouseWife

      I thought it was him.

    • Superstar

      You know, the first thing I thought of before reading the headline and seeing the picture was, “hey they caught that rapist from the photos yesterday.” Either these are twin raping brothers, or it’s the same guy.

      • CCBrown

        Reread the description of the first perpetrator please superstar….I don’t know whose world you are super in, but it certainly isn’t this one! Twin raping brothers?? Please! Give me a break! That is definitely the MOST ridiculous thing I have seen for 2011!

    • DMJ

      I thought the same thing too!

    • CCBrown


      That is a classic case of RACIAL PROFILING! The listing you posted clearly stated that perpertrator was in his 40’s and about 5 foot 8 with graying hair. Mr. Joyner nowhere NEAR resembles that individual. Come on now, let’s be real. Yes,the allegations against Mr. Joyner are disturbing, but nobody knows all of the facts except Mr. Joyner, and the two ladies who were involved. Don’t try to justify by saying the pictures were “grainy” so you can’t tell. That is ridiculous! Get it together please!!

  • Just a point of clarification: We’ve updated the title of the article to better reflect the actual charge against Mr. Joyner. He’s charged with forcible sodomy, which is not rape from a legal standpoint.

    • Skeptical

      Hm. I’m sure that makes the women feel much better.

      I’m trying to understand how anyone could find anything about this funny. Or how anyone thinks a man who would rape a prostitute would not be a danger to “the general community.”

      People have been selling sex in some form since the dawn of history. Without coercion, the only difference between consensual adult sex and prostitution is the exchange of cash money. Is it too much to ask that the people who do this enjoy legal protections and unions? And that people not snigger when they are abused?

      • Arlingtonian

        I agree with you 100 percent.

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Hope that loser doesn’t live in my building.

  • KathyColumbiaPike

    Somthing like this happened a few years ago in a condo I used to live in. A male resident hired a Pro and then when she arrived at the building he took her at gunpoint and raped her in the basement stairwell and then again in his apt on 7th floor. But she could not remember the apt no. So ACPD put the word out to some Sex Workers organization to let them know if anyone got any more service calls to the condo. The guy requested another pro, the police were notified and then a sting was set up. The victim was then able to identify the rapist and he went to jail.

  • RestonRunner86

    Not everyone who pays for sex is prone to violence or is morally depraved. I’m a very upstanding young professional who does great things for the world, but when you’re not exactly on the “attractive” side sometimes you DO need to turn to compensation to satisfy your physical urges. I really wish prostitution was legalized. Not everyone can be “pretty” enough to attract someone without incentive.

    • Zoning Victim

      It sounds to me like you are selling yourself short. While being physically attractive makes getting a date easier, it’s not the only thing women are looking for; if it was I’d have never gotten a date. Besides, who hasn’t seen an unattractive guy with a beautiful girl or a vice versa? No one who’s seen me and my girl.

      • Katie

        It’s usually more to do with being socially inept, ZV, unless we’re talking really, very unattractive and/or stinky. I have a friend (yes, really, not me) who briefly worked in a rub-n-tug shop. She said that, with very few exceptions, it was very unlikely that any woman would have touched these men willingly.

    • Another Country

      I’ve seen your picture RR86. You certainly don’t need to pay for it.

      • rft

        the problem is his personality

      • James4

        I can’t imagine why someone who is willing to strip for a Chick-Fil-A can’t win with the women? BTW, glad you didn’t succeed.



    Well if you put his name MCKINLEY C JOYNER lll, aka MCKINLEY JOYNER, aka MCKINLEY C JOYNER DOB 05/07/1977 in this link
    http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/inquiry/inquiry-index.jsp. You will see over 60 cases some of drug arrests (marijuana, CDS-non marijuana, orders of protection, civil suits, etc.) He has at least 3 warrents open, 2 in Montgomery County, 1 in PG County. His own mother (may god bless her because she gave birth to him) put an order of protection out on him. He owes over $81,000 in back taxes to the state of Maryland. OTHER women have put orders of protection out on him. His mother is also mentioned in state records as being mentally ill and his father has a criminal record all for robberies, as well as in North Carolina. He also bonded out a male family member a few years ago on a armed robbery charge.. So do your research, obviously he gets the mentally retarded thinking from his mom and the need to rob people from his dad. He also has 14 open cases..Get your facts straight.. ENTER HIS NAME MCKINLEY C JOYNER in this link http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/inquiry/inquiry-index.jsp AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THOSE COMMENTS YOU POSTED ARE OPINIONS AND NOT FACTS. IF THE WOMEN WERE CRIMINALS LIKE HIM, OBVIOUSLY THE COPS WOULD OF ARRESTED THEM AS WELL….Your just an idiot if you think women deserve to get a firearm put to there heads while he forces them to perform oral on him with no condom…..Get a life and do your research… BUT YOU MUST KNOW ALL THIS ALREADY BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE POSTING ANONYMOUS COMMENTS, IT ALMOST SOUNDS LIKE SOME OF THESE COMMENTS OUT HERE COULD BE FROM HIS FRIENDS…..I SMELL THE IGNORANCE FROM HERE….I am a man and am not condoning being an escort but no person deserves to be forced at gunpoint to do something like that. By the way for those that do not know it, they did recover the firearm at his residence where the crime took place. FYI all this criminal information is just in Maryland alone, I don’t have time to look up every state. He lives and committed the crime in Virginia so imagine what dirt they can dig up there.

    • Just wondering

      Just wondering how do you know any of it actually happened??

      “Your just an idiot if you think women deserve to get a firearm put to there heads while he forces them to perform oral on him with no condom…..”

      I totally agree that if the above happened then he deserves whatever comes from it. What we know is that he and the prostitutes made an arrangement and we know “SOMETHING” took place to upset the 2 girls. What that was we don’t know. Could’ve been the above statement or could’ve been non-payment, could’ve been disrespect (which in that line of business is hard to demand) I’m not disputing the possible shady past, but at the same time he was still walking the streets so Obviously none of it had amounted to any real amount of time served. If your wondering yeah I do know him and I find it hard to believe to be honest. Now you can come on here and bash me if you like, doesn’t matter. Just read what i wrote and you can see that what I said is logical. I just think we need to let the facts come out before we assume what happened. Like really how much sense does it make to do these acts and then just let the girls go as if nothing is going to come of it?? Does that make alot of sense. Someone who would do something like this would be a serial killer/rapist/kidnapper type, you wouldn’t just let them go and then go get breakfast would you?? To patronize prostitutes doesn’t make you that. I couldn’t do it, but to each is own I guess. Were the girls beat up?? were there bruises?? I haven’t found anything that discloses that information. Guess that will come out eventually.

      All im sayin is a girl can scream rape and whether it actually happened or not the guys reputation is tarnished even if he is somehow cleared of it, and I think to lie about that is despicable because it makes it harder for those that have gone thru something like that. It has to be terrible to actually be assaulted and nobody believes you, but, when this happens and theres no substance to it, it hurts the next person that comes out.
      One more thing:

      It kills me how escorting is legal and prostitution is not, Its like I can pay you to go out with me but “technically” its not for the sexual services that usually follow 90% of the time afterwards. If they ever go out at all. Its a way of playing the game and disguising something instead of calling it what it really is. AND NO I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ESCORT EITHER. I JUST HAVE HEARD THINGS LIKE IM SURE ALL OF YOU HAVE. To pay someone to go OUT with you is even crazier than paying for sex.

    • heretoclearitup

      First of all, I looked at the court cases and he doesn’t have ANY history of ANYTHING violent in his past. 95% of the cases are traffic cases. So please get your facts straight before you attempt to smear a person. Secondly, this case and this ridiculous article are nothing more than a spectacle. NOBODY had one IOTA of evidence. NOBODY knows happened. I bet you all watch FOX news too huh? You all believe OBAMA is the devil too huh? Please do not condemn a man before he is proven guilty. I can read between the lines here, its obvious that these girls are angry and pretty much made up a story. WHERE IS THE PROOF!!!!! Oh and by the way, having a gun is PERFECTLY LEGAL in VA.

      • CCBrown

        Thank you heretoclearitup! You are one of the few folks on here who actually make some sense in this!

      • Concerned Citizen


      • Concerned Citizen


    • CCBrown

      All of the previous allegations or crimes you mentioned about Mr. Joyner have absolutely NOTHING to do with the current charges….Why bring that up now? It is funny how folks love to dredge up someone’s PAST when there is a CURRENT wrong….Did you see any past rapes, sexual assualts, etc.?? How about those two women may be LYING?? Let’s wait until the case comes up in court to make ascertations about Mr. Joyner, his family, or anything else….

  • Skeptical

    Just an interesting afternote on this topic.

    • CCBrown

      What relevance does this have to the Mr. Joyner case?? None at all! Some of you folks on here are the most uninformed, condescending people I have ever seen! Get a grip and let the law of the land prevail. If Mr. Joyner is found guilty of these allegations, then he will give pennance the proper way, but to make him out to be something he is not is just not fair! Just when you thought racism was dead in this country. What can I expect from a commonwealth state?? There is an assumption for your ass! 🙂


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