Patrick Murray, who lost his bid to unseat Rep. Jim Moran earlier this month, is asking his supporters for one last act of honor and courage: to clear remaining campaign signs from median strips.

Murray estimated that the campaign has collected about 95 percent of signs. That would mean that 5 percent of the campaign’s signs — about 550 signs out of a total of 11,000 — are still scattered about the Eighth District.

In an email, Murray asked supporters to help with the retrieval effort before the Tuesday deadline for removing campaign signs.

Most of our local jurisdictions require signs to be removed within two weeks after the election. With that deadline looming on Tuesday, we need some help. If as you move about the district during the next day or two and see a sign still in place, I ask that if you have the time that you stop and pick it up for us.

If you see a sign or two and are not in a position to pick it up, or if you have some you need to get to us please send an email to [email protected], and note the location so we can attempt to have another volunteer recover it as soon as possible.


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