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Book: We Live Longer Than the Rest of the Country

by ARLnow.com November 16, 2010 at 12:49 pm 1,609 12 Comments

Good news, Arlington. According to a new book, we live longer than just about everybody else in the country.

Residents in the Eight District of Virginia — us — and the Eight District of Maryland — another D.C. suburb — live more than 83 years, on average.

That makes the Virginia and Maryland Eighths the congressional districts in which Americans are living the longest, according to the book Measure of America 2010-2011: Mapping Risks and Resilience.

We’ll drink to that.

  • RestonRunner86

    Well, that’s honestly no surprise. Arlington residents are amongst the best educated in the nation (and the world). Educated people tend to command higher salaries. Those higher salaries permit access to better health care options. More educated people are more likely to take care of their health, get preventative exams, work out, etc. and are less likely to smoke. Arlington is very conducive to walking or biking to keep hearts healthy. Transit is great, which means people are less likely to be killed in car accidents as those in the sprawling outer suburbs like here in Fairfax County. This is great news to hear, but nobody should be surprised.

    • KalashniKEV

      Sooo… I guess Healthcare is like… your issue?

      Public Transit is not that great here either, have you not noticed that our Metro produces a quarterly Body Count?

      The real reason is because of all the former Military Personnel living in the area… most of the populace nationwide let themselves go in the Fratboy days and mid twenties. By the time they reach mid thirties they aren’t even shaped like humans.

      Military Service kept a greater number of our residents active into later stages of their life, and created healthier habits that they take with them.

      (c’mon… it’s just as plausible as the path you laid out…)

  • KA

    Perhaps it is because we are the ugliest that we live the longest? #sarcasm

  • tuesdayschild

    No doubt Zimmerman and Fisette will take credit for this. (double sarcasm)

    • Thes

      Don’t they deserve some? Surely public health services, pollution control, attraction of clean businesses, educational opportunities, safer pedestrian crossings, etc., etc. have an effect on health.

      • Noted

        What does living longer have to do with the Board? Nothing – It’s genetics and good doctors – good hospitals – not the public health department.

  • Katie

    It’s due to all the pizza and beer joints.

  • charlie

    no, no, it just SEEMS longer since we are waiting for a train, for HOV restrictions to go off, for the light to turn, for the board meeting to be over.

  • Chad

    What a shocker!! We’re the richest county AND we live the longest?!?

    Who would’ve thunk it?


  • Suburban Not Urban

    I’m sure this will change as the constantly escalating taxes forces older residents to leave the county. It’s already happened on my street.

  • Concerned

    Both the 8th district in Virginia and in Maryland are predominantly Democratic. I’m sure I will get one or more comments on this…

  • North Adams Snob

    Well, no duh. It’s a combination of the military presence AND the fact that, um, er, people with more money tend to live longer, as the first poster pointed out. It’s all about class folks. Wealthy Arlingtonians are part of the Overclass that runs the world (and, yes, even good old Arlington Pious Prius Drivers are part of that class). Said Overclass tends to live longer (and, as a really cool side-benefit, this allows monetary investments to more fully appreciate, making us even richer at the expense of the 90% of the world that cannot maintain a similar standard of living!) Rock On, ACVA!


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