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Christmas Trees Prepped for Sale in North Arlington

by ARLnow.com November 23, 2010 at 1:25 pm 14,025 21 Comments

With just two days until Thanksgiving, the Optimist Club of Arlington is getting ready for its annual Christmas tree sale.

The sale will begin on Saturday, at the Wachovia Bank parking lot near the corner of North Glebe Road and Lee Highway. Prices we saw posted ranged from $30 to $210.

The Optimist Club has been selling Fraser firs, Scotch pines and other tree varieties in Arlington since 1950, according to the Sun Gazette. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the club’s youth programs.

If you celebrate the holiday, where do you go to buy your Christmas trees?

  • Tom M

    I always bought from the Cub Scouts down off Wilson Blvd towards Bluemont.

  • Ballston

    Yup…$50 for any tree, doesn’t matter what size. I got a massive tree there last year. Anywhere else and it would have been well over $100

  • LP

    I need to see a photo of the $210 tree!

    I think they’re being Optimists about getting that much for it.

  • Lou

    I get mine from anywhere not Optimist. Little league rivalries die hard.

  • What’s the closest place to get one from Courthouse/Clarendon?

    • david

      Whole Foods

  • Ballston

    Stopped here last year, one lady said any tree with the yellow tag at the top is $40. We picked a tree, went to pay for it and the guy said $85. We told him what the lady said and his reply was anything with a yellow tag on this side of the lot $85 not $40. The only $40 trees are the ones in the far corner that are on special because they are too dry.

    We promptly put the tree back and on our way out, the lady who originally told us the price said, this place is too expensive. I buy at Home Depot…won’t go back.

  • Ray

    It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Won’t these trees all be dried out by Christmas?

  • Suburban Not Urban

    Scouts on Wilson at the pool.

  • southie

    I have always had good luck at the lot on the corner of George Mason and Columbia Pike.

    • Just the Facts

      Second for Mason & the Pike!

  • CW

    Ticonderoga Farms. It’s a bit of a haul to get there from Arlington, but cutting down your own tree (National Lampoon style) is always a fun activity. There is lots of stuff for the kids to do, hot chocolate, hayrides, etc.


  • willy

    Yeah, we now try to avoid the North Arlington sites–The prices seem better at that George Mason/Columbia Pike place.

  • SoArlRes

    See?? South Arlington excels at something… 🙂

  • Watch out

    A few years ago, we bought our tree from the lot at the corner of Geo Mason and Columbia Pike. It was evening when I bought the tree. When we started to decorate the tree, we noticed our hands were turning green. It seems they spray painted a browning tree green! Make sure to check for spray paint when buying your tree. I have bought my trees at Home Depot ever since.

    • Dan

      Sorry about the tree but you did get a “heck of a good” story to tell for years to come !!

  • Katie

    Yikes, really? I’ve always had nice trees from them. If it’s the Lion’s Club you’re talking about.

  • Rich

    Go to S. George Mason and Columbia Pike. Great customer service. Proceeds from the trees supports the South Arlington Lions Club and the Better Sports Club of Arlington which raises money for Arl. youth sports!

  • Dave

    We got our tree from the Optimists last year and it lasted forever. I think it finally dried up and died in late January/early February.

  • Claremont

    To avoid the spray paint problem, buy your tree during dsylight hours. It may seem less fun in some ways, but you can certainly see whatcha get better.

  • fairlington

    bought our tree at homedepot – $35 for 6-7 foot fraser fir. quick and easy.


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