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Rainy Commute Through Arlington

by ARLnow.com December 1, 2010 at 8:42 am 1,346 5 Comments

Commuters have wet, leaf-slicked roads to deal with this morning, but largely the drive on the highways isn’t much worse than on any other given weekday.

Traffic on I-66 is moving smoothly. I-395 is backed up, per usual, and is moving slowly approaching the 14th Street Bridge.

The biggest cause for concern this morning appears to be Route 27 near the Pentagon, which has slowed to a crawl heading northbound (on the western side of the Pentagon).

  • Kevin

    Is the ACPD still checking inspection/registration stickers near the Pentagon? That was causing backups yesterday

  • Let’s Be Free

    As for the Washington Blvd backup, it resulted from a minor accident attended to by a Park Police cruiser in the right hand inbound lane of Memorial Bridge.

  • JamesE

    These backups wouldn’t be nearly as bad if people realized you can still go the speed limit when the roads are wet.

  • NJmetsfan

    Metro is a better alternative in the rain.

  • NorthAdams

    that accident in the right lane of Memorial Bridge was there last night too — wonder if there is something wrong with the road.
    And JamesE — you are SOOO right. People go to slow in bad weather. Everyone has these overpriced cars with traction this and control that but they are scared. I can drive my car at speed in almost all conditions.


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