• Peter


    • SBAnalyst

      I love these guys, they’re the reason I’ve got a place to park when I get home. Seriously, at least a couple times a month I can’t park in my own spot because some jerk is in my space. While I’m sitting there waiting for the tow truck the idiot in my space will come out and say “Sorry, I was just gone for a few minutes”. So I say “My space says Reserved, not Reserved but you can park for a few minutes”. Thank you tow guys.

  • AC teacher

    What…no $25 drop fee?

  • RDD

    Fantastic! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sliced the tire while they were awaiting a victim!

  • el fat kid

    great pic… is there a higher res version? might want to get it framed.

    Hopefully the transmission blew or the hitch broke.

    • RDD

      Sugar in the gas tank. Or maybe a banana in the tail pipe.

      • Frenchy B

        No, they ain’t falling for no banana in the tailpipe.

      • el gordito

        sugar in the gas tank is an urban legend, btw.

        • mehoo

          So is the banana in the tailpipe.

          • Rover

            Not according to Eddie Murphy.

          • el fat kid

            come on… he was just giving him/her a ride home.

  • AC teacher

    Perhaps you have seen the shirt on zazzle about this issue; we should buy in bulk.


    • Asher

      I need to order those for everyone I know. A very fitting Christmas gift.

  • NattyNat

    Advance Towing. Thanks to them I never sleep soundly. In fact, they’re towing residents cars left and right at the Arlington Condominiums at this very moment. Not only did residents get to go without power for nearly 24 hrs this week but you can have your car towed too. Happy Holidays!

  • GrantB

    I can’t believe this is a headlining news story. Anyone realize the economy is terrible, 8.5 million jobs have been lost, Bernanke says it will be years before we recover, the country is going bankrupt, Iran’s nuke program is self sufficient? News isn’t real news anymore.

    • Wolf Blitzer
      • el gordito

        well played, Wolf.

    • mehoo

      I can’t believe you’re wasting precious time reading and then commenting about this story. Don’t you realize the economy is terrible and Iran has nukes? Go fix the economy and then go bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    At 4 pm on Saturday afternoon, an Advanced Towing truck sped over to the 4-car Starbucks lot on Clarendon Blvd., opposite Whole Foods. He circled a bit, then pulled the truck into the lot (which was full), looking like he was going to hitch one of the legally-parked cars away. Then he parked his truck in the fire lane next to the dumpster, got out with his kid, and went inside to get a cup of coffee. My immediate response was “why couldn’t there be an Advanced Towing truck to tow this guy away?” But it looks like the other truck was busy.

    • mehoo

      Or maybe that’s the truck being towed in this photo. Or maybe not.


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