Slow Commute for Some

by ARLnow.com December 8, 2010 at 8:56 am 1,623 11 Comments

It’s a slow go for commuters on Route 50 and Columbia Pike this morning. And it’s an even slower commute for those on I-395.

Nearly the entire length of northbound I-395 is slow, from the Beltway to the 14th Street Bridge. HOV commuters, however, have it relatively easy.

The Arlington stretch of Route 50 and Columbia Pike are both experiencing heavier-than usual traffic volume.

  • Darwin

    I was stuck in that this morning! When I got up to the merge it appeared to be caused by a man assaulting an Arlington County leaf collector.

  • G

    I love morning’s like these (except for all the pollution). Nothing like blowing by all the cars on their way to work while I cruise by on my bike.

    • mehoo

      You’re hardcore. I’m surprised your fingers have thawed out enough to type already.

    • Darwin

      I love the 90 degree days when I arrive to work in my car not covered in sweat and especially how quick I can get to my other office 25 miles away in Chantilly and also being able to take my grandmother to dinner on days like this with the heater on. Thank goodness I don’t bike everywhere! Plus then I’d have to be ultra-self-righteous and ultimately end up underneath a bus because I fail to obey any traffic laws what-so-ever!

      • hooooos


      • G

        I have a shower at work, and can bike back to get my car in 10-12 min. I’m only 2.5 miles away.

  • Jenga

    Very slow for those using Chain Bridge. The stream that perpetually runs off onto the Northbound lane of N Glebe Rd (after the traffic light at Chain Bridge Rd) was covered with ice and blocked by a police officer directing traffic around it.

    The backup into DC was up to both sides of MacArthur Blvd.

  • el fat kid

    The county needs to do something about the construction on Columbia Pike. Shutting down 2 of the 4 lanes in the middle of the morning rush hour on a major artery while allowing the flag folks to randomly shut down the two remaining lanes is not kosher.

    Columbia Pike will continue to undergo rapid development over the next ten years and it’s going to cause significant problems if the County continues to take this laissez-faire attitude towards developers impeding the flow of traffic.

    Anyone from the county reading this? You going to do anything?

    • NPGMBR

      Actually, the construction was not at fault today. I don’t know what the problem was and im surprised the author did not mention what all this was about.

      • rft

        i think there was an accident on 395 just north of the 14th st. bridge that screwed everything up

      • JamesE

        cop car had someone pulled over so everyone slammed on their brakes to 5 mph as to not get a ticket when he is clearly out of his car thus causing a chain reaction backup.


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