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President Obama Visits Long Branch Elementary School

by ARLnow.com December 17, 2010 at 3:59 pm 4,558 25 Comments

(Originally published at 11:20 a.m.) President Obama made an unannounced visit to Long Branch Elementary School in Lyon Park this morning.

During the visit, the president posed for photo ops and read part of two books to the school’s second graders. The books were Twas The Night Before Christmas and Of Thee I Sing, Mr. Obama’s recently-published children’s book.

The press release on the event from Arlington Public Schools, after the jump.

Long Branch Elementary School students were treated to a surprise visit by President Barack Obama this morning. During his visit, the President read his new children’s book “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters” to 90 second graders in the school’s library.

The President told students why he wrote his book and also read the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Proceeds from sales of the President’s book will go to military families.

Long Branch Principal Felicia Russo said of the President’s visit, “This was a wonderful holiday gift for our school community. Our students were so excited and attentive during the visit. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of our students.” She went on to say, “At Long Branch, we stress the importance of writing and this experience was important because it taught students that no matter how busy you are in life, anyone can pen a book.”

In addition, he surprised more than 200 students in the multi-purpose room who were watching via the school’s closed-circuit TV. Others watched the President’s visit in rooms throughout the school.

Long Branch was chosen because of its proximity to Fort Myer and because many of its students are from military families. Students at Long Branch reflect Arlington’s diverse and changing population, hailing from more than 25 countries and speaking almost as many languages.

  • Hugh Jidette

    Consulting the students for his fiscal policy.

    • Notahoo

      -5 for being a grinch.

    • mehoo

      Good – even elementary school kids know more about economics these days than some of Obama’s critics.

  • Kathleen

    Actually, reading from his latest book – all proceeds going to military families.

  • Courthouse Resident

    Is everyone headed to Ray’s Hell Burger just in case he picks up lunch on the way back? 😉

    • CrystalMikey

      Good call!

      • Katie

        Oh, so close, and yet so far.

        The day he and Biden went to RHB, I chose to go to Five Guys instead of Ray’s. Argh!

    • Dale

      I think highly of Obama, but I’ll never forgive him for ruining RHB (and making it damn hard to go to Guajillo’s to boot).

  • North_A-Towner

    Guess that explains the ACPD & State Police with canine units along with an army of men in suits scouring my parking lot this morning next door at Cambridge Courts and why the police officer wouldn’t tell me what was going on. Thanks ArlNow!

    • Courthouse Resident

      Yeah – I was curious about what was going on until I realized no traffic was moving along on 50. No traffic = motorcade in my experience. But they were out with K-9 units from as early as 9:30. Also the construction at Rt 50 and Courthouse Rd was not happening – so wasn’t sure if that was related to this or the snow from yesterday.

  • LyonPark resident

    Do only angry people read this? What a cool thing that he came to the school.

    • Chocolate Drizzle

      Cool, yes. Photo op, yes. Worth disrupting Arlington’s traffic on an icy morning….nah. Maybe he did more than read part of a book. It likely was scheduled in advance however, so the icy morning just is coincidental.

      What would have been cool is if he’d landed on the ball field in the Presidential helicopter. Now THAT would have been cool.

      • Lou

        Heh, there used to be a traffic reporter around here named Captain Dan who would bring his helicopter to elementary schools. I remember him landing at Nottingham at least one year.

        • Double-sided copy
        • NorthAdams

          oh man Captain Dan the Traffic Man. WPGC. He brought his helicopter to my school in Arlington too!!! We were so thrilled.

      • Courthouse Resident

        Actually @ the time the motorcade came through – there was little disruption to most traffic. It literally came through on Rt 50 about 10 mins to 11. You could almost play a game a street hockey on Rt 50 at that time. Kidding of course – but it is quite dead at the time.

        • mehoo

          True story – a bomb threat on the Wilson Bridge got me stuck at a dead stop on the Beltway many years ago, so I got my putter out and played golf on the blacktop. Who can say they’ve done that?

          • Arlwhenever

            With all the holes on the Wilson bridge, plenty of targets. But how did you get your ball out of the hole?

  • Justin Russo

    Thank goodness he didn’t read “My Pet Goat”.

  • Doug

    They couldn’t find time to read many of the bills they passed but he could read to these children? ……guess it was at his reading grade level.

    • CrystalCity’er

      maybe you should read to them instead?

      • Doug

        Is that all you got?

        • mehoo

          Pretty much a proportional response to your post.

          • Doug

            just what I expected. life is good.

  • jim

    that’s nice obama is doing a book tour


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